March 11, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good:
My yoga class this week was amazing!  I am really starting to enjoy it more and more and look forward to it every week.  One thing I love about it is that it is different every time.  But, the hour long class is always equally challenging and completely relaxing.    
One pose/exercise we did this week was the frog pose.  It is tough and totally works your legs.  Here are some pics/info I got from

 Beginning stance
Ending stance (although the yoga instructor makes us keep our ankles up off the floor)
Here's how you do it:

  • Squat on the floor on your toes, with your feet apart and your heels either touching or very close together.
  • Have your knees spread out and your arms inside your knees with your finger tips touching the floor.  The elbows are straight.
  • Look up, you can have your eyes opened or closed.  Inhale.  This is the starting position for frog pose.
  • Rise up now by straightening your legs.  At the same time bring your head towards your knees and keep your fingers touching the floor.  Straighten your legs as much as possible.  Exhale.  This is the ending position for frog pose.  This completes 1 repetition.
  • Come back down to the starting position and repeat the cycle as many times as indicated.
She has us do 56 repetitions, or as many as we can.  She also has us do them as fast as we can, which makes it even harder.  The first time I did it about a month ago I couldn't do all 56, but now I can!  Woohoo!  Although, my legs are completely burning by the end!  
Here are some benefits I found from that same website:
  • Shapes, tones and strengthens the legs and lower body.  Specially the thighs muscles. (This is a no brainer, but woohoo!)
  • Builds the cardiovascular system and respiratory system.  Promoting better circulation and better respiration.
  • Promotes flexibility in the hamstrings and calves.
  • Builds sexual potency and virility.  (Really??  I'm sure my husband will be interested to learn about this...ha ha!)

The bad:
My 1/2 marathon plan called for a 40 minute tempo run today.  My husband was supposed to have a work mtg. this morning, but it got canceled so we loaded the boys up and went to the gym to workout.  Normally I run in the afternoons so I was excited to be able to get my run done in the AM.  
I was actually looking forward to challenging myself on my tempo run, but my body had different plans.  I started out at an easy 8:20 pace for 12 minutes (I know 12 min. is weird, but I wasn't paying attention and missed the 10min. mark!), then sped it up to a 7:35 pace.  I felt good running at this pace for the first 5 minutes, but after that I started feeling weird.  I kept going for another 5 minutes, then stopped to wipe the massive amount of sweat off my face/neck and get some water.  My heart was racing and I was breathing pretty hard.  I guess I shouldn't have stopped b/c all of a sudden I got really light headed and felt like I was going to faint.  I started picturing myself passing out (something I've done quite a bit in my life) and falling on a moving treadmill.  Not a pretty picture.  So, I decided to walk for a couple of minutes to get my heart rate down and see if the feeling would pass.  
I felt fine after a couple of minutes, so went at it again.  This time though, I ran at about a 7:45 pace.  I only lasted for another 5 minutes before I started to feel weird again. So again, I walked and drank more water.  The feeling passed and I decided to run the rest of the 40 minutes at my normal 8:20 pace.  Well, I only lasted another 5 minutes because I started getting running cramps behind my left ribs.  At this point I knew I had to stop.  Obviously my body was trying to tell me something.  
So, I didn't get in my 40 min. tempo.  In the end I did a 12min. wu, 15min. tempo (if it still counts with the walking breaks), and a 5 min. cool down for 32 minutes.  I guess I'm happy that I even made it over 30 min. considering how I felt.  
I think I can chalk this one up to being a little dehydrated.  Don't you think?  

The ugly:

For some reason, this toenail always turns black after my long runs.  And it has fallen off more times than I can count.  What is up with that?  Oh, and please ignore my 4th toe and pinky toe.  Who am I kidding, how can you ignore them?  It's pretty funny because whenever I get a pedicure (which isn't that often), the woman that does it is always amazed at how big my pinky toe nail is.  Really?  Is it really that big?  Don't answer that, I already know it is! :)


teacherwoman said...


Sorry to hear your tempo run wasn't great. It's scary to think you might pass out while on a treadmill! Yikes!

Tricia said...

is it strange that I like checking out peoples toenail pics? :)

Anne Marie said...

56 times for the frog pose. dang! that sounds really hard.
and I think your tempo run counts...;-)

Anonymous said...

it definiteyl still counts...and U live to fight another day!

Regina said...

Easy 8:20 pace.....? Ba ha ha ha! In my dreams. On your bad day you blow me away.

sorry about your toenail...I have remedies to save those (learned after many years of soccer), but it involves a flame and a paper clip...oh, and nerve.

Michelle Simmons said...

That same toenail is always the one that goes on me too! Grrrr.

Smart to listen to your body today while running. Somedays it's there, somedays it's not...

Julie said...

Hi Aimee,
Nice job on your move to walk a bit:)

Someday I will try Yoga...probably not soon but someday!! It must be pretty exciting to know that you are improving:) Good job!!

Suzy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great work on the run - walking included. Better to run with some walking than no running at all.

The same toe nail on my foot turns black a lot too, although mine has never fallen off.

Velma said...

Be careful! I am sure it was just a bad run and you will perk up again. I always have the same black toenail - what gives :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yoga tries to hurt me

I hate when that happens to my nails

KK said...

You were smart to listen to your body-it's not the easiest thing to do. I love how much yoga complements running. It's good stuff!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Scary about the run!!!! I haven't yet had a black toenail... waiting for that induction of being a real runner!

Heidi Austin said...

listen to your body! you did the right thing and wow that is a lota poses..... hope your toe nail doesn't fall off :(

Mnowac said...

The same toenail always goes bad on my too. I loveooooeeevvvee yoga. Good stuff, sorry the tempo run got cut short, but its best to listen to your body for sure!

Amber Shea said...

Ugh, that does sound like a nasty run. I got that about-to-pass-out feeling once around mile 10 of a 15-mile run...not fun. Funny enough, I used to pass out fairly often too when I was younger, so I know that light-headed/tunnel-vision feeling all too well.

misszippy said...

I am amazed at your yoga skills! Good for you. Sorry the run didn't go as planned, but you made the wise choice to back off. There will be another day/another tempo run. Now go find some nail polish!