May 2, 2010

The Sunday Sampler - Fitness

Welcome to another installment of The Sunday Sampler.  This is the day where I share my insights, thoughts, and opinions with you about different things in three categories: fitness (gear/clothing/accessories/etc.), parenthood, and health, rotating each category each week.  I hope that makes sense! :)  
My hope is that I will be able to help you along your adventure just like so many others have helped me. So, let me know what you think!  I'd love to read about your perspectives on these things as well!  :) 

TYR Transition Backpack:

When I first started doing tris I used a regular backpack to carry all of my gear for my races.  While it served it's purpose, I soon found that it just wasn't enough room.  Especially for the races where I needed a wetsuit.  It also drove me a little crazy because everything I needed for the race was basically just stuffed into one main compartment.  

Now, anyone that knows me knows that I like to be organized.  I will fully admit that I am an organizational freak!  I guess I just like for everything to have its' own place and know where to find things easily.  Enter the TYR Transition Backpack.

Here is some general information about it that I got from
 Outside Features:

  • Padded Adjustable Back Straps

  • 2 Padded Side Pockets for cell phone/MP3 Player w/ Slit for headphone wire

  • Completely unfolds with dual zippers

  • Two External Mesh Water Bottle Pockets

  • Reflective Binding on padded straps, side pockets and front face of bag

  • Large Outside Mesh Pocket

  • External Helmet Pocket with Safety Clip and Bungee Straps

  • 5” Expandable Mesh Bottom Compartment for a Wetsuit or Towel

  • Inside Features:

  • Two Large Internal Mesh Shoe Pockets – Running and Cycling

  • Removable Waterproof Bag for Wet Items (with clip for wetsuit)

  • Pros:
    * Being the organizational freak that I am, this bag has enough separate compartments to split things up.  For example, I put my shoes in one, nutrition in another, accessories (garmin, race belt, visor, etc..) in another, etc.  This is also nice because we all know how we check, double, and triple check all of our stuff the night before the race to make sure we have everything.  Because there are different, see-through compartments, I can tell that I have everything I need without having to unpack everything.   
    The gray pouch in the middle is the removable wetsuit bag.  It clips onto the bottom of the bag to keep it in place.

    *  It holds everything you will need for race day.

    *  It is actually really comfortable to wear, even though it's big.  For a couple of my races last year I actually rode to the race site so my husband and kiddos didn't have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to drop me off.  I wore this backpack and it worked perfectly. 

    *  The removable wetsuit bag is awesome!  It is big enough to fit your wetsuit in, but small enough so that it doesn't take up too much space.  Plus, it prevents getting all of your other gear wet after your race.  And, you can remove it if you don't need a wetsuit for your race. 

    *  It's pretty big for a backpack.  When I first put it on, because I'm so short, my husband joked that I looked like a Kindergartner on the first day of school carrying a huge backpack.  Ha ha!  
    *  It takes up more space in the transition area than a normal backpack.  But, what I do is lay out all my stuff on my towel, then scrunch down the backpack making it as compact as possible so it doesn't take up too much space for other people.  

    *  It costs about $60.  But, they are always on sale somewhere online. I got mine for about $45 last Christmas.  And, for what it's worth, I think trisports has them on sale right now.      

    All in all, I really like this as a transition backpack.  Yes, it's a little big, but to me it's worth it.  It works perfectly when I ride my bike to the race, it keeps all of my stuff organized, and it's nice to be able to get all of my stuff I need to the transition area in one trip. 

    * Please note:  I was not contacted or paid by TYR or trisports to review this product.  This review is my own opinion and is based on my experiences.



    Christi said...

    Thanks for the insight! I haven't gotten a backpack yet but I have been thinking about getting one. I will take a look at this one!

    Colleen said...

    I use a regular backpack, but have gone through a few to find one that's just right. This bag looks perfect though... will have to remember it when I'm in need of another! :)

    Teamarcia said...

    Looks like a great pack--if/when I ever get up the nerve to try a tri. :0
    You look gorgeous BTW!

    jojo88 said...

    Like you I used a regular backpack until one tri where I had to walk a good distance to get to transition. The walk wasn't bad but it was chaotic walking back with a regular backpack, wetsuit bag, towel, bike & helmet to carry. (bike was racked the day before) That's when I bit the bullet and purchased a Blue Seventy transition bag. LOVE it! Unlike the TYR the wetsuit compartment is on the bottom of the bag. It's my general to go bag and I toss my swim stuff in there & no worries about getting other stuff wet. I also use it as luggage when I go on weekend trips.

    Regina said...

    This looks great. I bought a big back pack with some mesh compartments last year and it is bright red! Just in case I don't see my bright yellow bike, I should see the bag!

    the kindergartner comment made me laugh.

    DRog said...

    Going to look for one this week.
    I think I might actully ride my bike TO the race for my first Tri its only like 6 miles away:)and b/p would be super handy

    Kathleen said...

    I have the same bag. It works for me. I too like having the different compartments.

    JoJo88, there is a compartment on the bottom of the bag where you can store your wetsuit. It fits nicely folded up on the way to the race and I put it right back in at the end. It is also expandable so it gives you a lot of room. The bag for the wet clothes is an extra bag that is also available.

    Jon said...

    Thanks for the review! I think you sold me on it!

    Big Daddy Diesel said...

    My T bag is HUGE as well

    Julie said...

    Hi Aimee,
    That bag looks like a keeper...I love all of the pockets:)

    Suzy said...

    It's supposed to be 48F later this week there? I can be there tomorrow!!! I would much rather have 48F than the 87 we had yesterday.

    Looks like a great bag for all your tri things.

    AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

    I like the organizational aspect of the bag. that would be nice.
    it's funny...i've been using the same desoto tri backpack for the past ~9 yrs. I bought it WAY back in the day when I was wknd warrioring a sprint here and there. It still does the trick b/c it is so minimal that it rolls up into a wad in the T area.

    but i've been wanting to get a new tri bag at some point..

    teacherwoman said...

    I want one! LOL