July 27, 2010

A 12 Mile Run and Fishing Fun!

My 12 Miler:
I wanted to do one last long run for my marathon training before I started tapering for the Boulder 70.3 on the 8th.  My marathon training is mixed into my 70.3 training plan, so it's not exactly to the point I would be at if I was just training for a marathon.  But, I'm hoping that my tri fitness will get me to the point I need to be when I actually "just" train for the big 26.2!
Anyways, I decided to head out mid morning to try and simulate the hot race conditions for my HIM.
But, wouldn't you know that the day I planned on doing my long run it was in the mid 70s and absolutely perfect running weather!  I wanted to do an out and back course from my house that lead to my favorite running trail, the Highline Canal.
 I love this trail!  This is an old picture of the trail, but now all of the trees are green and it is just an absolutely beautiful trail to run on.  There were so many runners, bikers, walkers, and families out and about.  It just made for a great run.  But, the best part of it all was that I felt great the entire time.  Yay!
Post-run picture!  12 miles done!

Fishing Fun:
I'm not sure if all of you know that I am a vegetarian.  I would actually say that I am closer to being a vegan than a vegetarian.  But, although I love animals, I chose this eating lifestyle for health reasons above all others.  That is why there are some things (like Jimmy John's Turkey Tom sandwiches) that I just won't give up.  Or, when certain opportunities present themselves I'm not going to not go along with them because of how I normally eat.  This is kind of off topic, but I thought I needed to explain that before I get to the point of this post!
Now, we don't really eat fish, but every time we go camping, we pick places by streams so my husband can fish.  He loves fishing and is really good at it.  And, if you've ever had wild trout, you know how delicious it is!  So camping is actually one of the few times that we'll eat fish.  My husband is really excited that our boys are at the age now where they can actually go fishing together.  And when we camp, he'll help them fish and try to find good places for them to use their poles.  But, it is really hard to catch wild trout, especially when you're 3 and 5 and don't really know how to fish!  So, enter Grandma and Grandpa's Fishing Pond!
Sunday, my husband and I decided to bring our boys here for some fishing fun.  It is a stocked trout pond up in Idaho Springs, that is perfect for little kids to experience catching fish.  This place was so awesome!  As soon as we got close to the pond we could see fish jumping out of the water.  The boys thought it was the coolest thing and were so excited to start fishing!  We had our boys take turns fishing so my husband could help them.  I was busy taking tons of pictures..ha ha!  Here are some of my favorites:
Our youngest watching the bobber and getting ready!
My oldest reeling in a fish!
They caught two fish each...the perfect amount for dinner! 
The boys had a complete blast fishing and were so excited when they reeled one in!  The experience was definitely worth it!  That night, we grilled the trout with some fresh rosemary from our garden, garlic, and lemon.  We served it with wild rice and steamed veggies and it was delicious! Yum!

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Emz said...

ok you look waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too good for finishing a 12 mile run. You are amazing woman!!!!

Foges said...

I lived in Denver (aurora) for 5 years and just moved home to PA a year ago. The Highline Canal was our favorite spot to run and ride. Saturday morning rides to REI for coffee and back were one of my favorites!

DRog said...

Your Tri training is for certain going to boost your marathon. I can attest to that with my Grandma's in June, and what I thought was too little running actually worked out okay

Patrick Mahoney said...

I was thinking of going to run 10 tonight, but you just sealed the deal with this post and I'll be out the door soon. Thanks for the motivation.

Regina said...

That running route looks so great! As do those fish!! How fun for your boys (ok, and let's not kid ourselves, your husband too!)

Julie said...

How fun! I can remember how excited my boys got when they caught their first fish! What cuties.

I'm in a similar position as I try to combine my oly plan with my 1/2 marathon plan. I feel I'm doing ok though, with still plenty of time before the race. I'm really excited about the Denver Marathon/1/2 marathon!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

August 8th! I'm excited for you;-)

and a marathon afterwards in Oct! wow. I'll be curious to hear how training for both goes for you. I've never done a marathon, and I still don't see it on my radar...i think halves are my distance.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

How come everyone's getting good running weather except us in the Midwest? You do look remarkably fresh for just finishing a 12 miler. You're going to do great in the marathon!


Might get down to 90 today here on the Outer Banks... (vacation).. should be just right for a run to remind me of home (Florida).

Could you send some fish our way? I'm cooking tonight.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohh d loves fishing, can he come visit you?

you inspire me to keep working towards a 70.3 so thanks for all these posts!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice run, you look alot better then the last long run you posted, must of been a nicer day with less heat.

I love fishing!!!

Jon said...

Awesome run! Stay strong these last two weeks!

Kathleen said...

The High Line Canal is great.

I so wish I had your confidence about the race next weekend. Oh well, it is what it is. I just hope they have anough ice and sponges for us walkers.