November 11, 2011

Arizona Here We Come!

First of all, I want to thank all of you for your comments on my stomach bug blues. :)  I did end up resting, and I think it was definitely what I needed!  It really sucked being sick, but I'm happy to say that the stomach bug has passed through our entire household and moved on!  Woohoo!

Now, onto THIS post!  :)

I have been crazy busy getting everything together and our house is in utter chaos!  Not only do I have race stuff to pack, but I have to pack for a 2 week vacation too...for me, my husband, and our two boys!!  Granted, my husband packed all of his stuff in like 5minutes, but for some reason, it just takes me longer to pack up the rest of the stuff.  I think it's because I never know what I'll need, so I tend to pack more rather than less.

Anyways, here are some of the piles we have going on in our house right now!

* Race day nutrition
*  Water bottles
*  Snacks for our road trip
*  Gadgets galore!
*  Activity books for the boys

*  All of my clothes and racing gear

My husband's pile was like 1/4 of mine!  Ha ha!

*  My bike and my husband's bike (I'm dragging him along for some training rides!)
*  Racing wheels
*  Bike stand/tools
*  Suitcases
*  Our boys' scooters and helmets (Yes, this might be a little much, but the weather in AZ is going to be in the 70s which means they will be outside ALL day!)

Phew..that's a lot of stuff!  The drive is supposed to be around 12 hours long, but with 2 young boys, we know it will take us MUCH longer!  We're leaving tonight after my husband gets off work and hoping to make it 3-4hrs. down the road.  We just want to at least take a small chuck of time out of the total trip.  Hopefully our boys will do well with the long drive, but I know there will be some "moments!"  One thing is for sure though, it will definitely be an ADVENTURE!  :)


Caratunk Girl said...

I always pack like 16 times....and unpack. And repack. :)

Make a list. It made me saner! ha ha


Jon said...

Ur not alone or crazy for packing so much. Fortunately u should be able to find forgotten stuff at the race. Have a great trip!

Just remember to pack your bike! ;)

Julie said...

I bet packing it all in the car was fun! :)

Safe trip!

Anna B said...

What I want to know is what vehicle you're fitting all that in! GEEZ!

SSB said...

woot! have a good trip and can't wait to follow you online.


What's better than a ROAD TRIP?
A road trip to an IM...
Better yet, an adventure with the kids to an IM..
Have fun!

J. L. said...

Your kids will talk about this to all their friends forever! My daughter wrote her first essay at school this year about our trip to my first 70.3. And, they'll probably talk about all the stuff mom had to pack. Best of luck getting there. So excited for you!

Julie Arts said...

I'm so excited for you that I can hardly stand it!!!! Hope the trip is uneventful and you get time to just chill.

JenniferLeah said...

yeah, i'd be a total spazz about packing for an IM and vaca
would probably require a uhaul!!

hope you are 110% soon and you will be amazing. so exciting!!!

JenniferLeah said...

that is a lot of packing-vaca and IM. i'd be a total spazz and pack up an entire uhaul!!!
its going to be soooo exciting!! hoping you are 110% asap :D

Kelly said...

good luck with the trip! I don't envy your packing chores!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Exciting!!! Enjoy your reward for all your hard work

Kathy said...

have a great trip!

Alisa said...

Have such a great race and trip. If you're not blogging while you're away I will for sure be tracking you on race day. You're going to do great!

Kathleen said...

Glad you made it safe and sound and had the chance do swim today!
I have only started packing in my mind. Not sure what I am waiting for since I need to have it ready Tuesday night. Denial maybe :) ?

Anne-Marie said...

Race packing is completely nerve-wracking for me alone, can't imagine having to worry about packing for two children as well!

Have a safe trip!