August 23, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Homemade Instant Oatmeal

Homemade Instant Oatmeal
So, I know this isn't a dinner/lunch recipe, but I thought I'd share it with you for Tasty Tuesday anyways!  The last time we went camping, we brought along store bought instant oatmeal packets for our breakfast.  I was looking at them thinking there had to be a way to make these, AND make them healthier.  A little Google searching gave me tons and tons of results!  So, when my husband said he wanted me to get him some instant oatmeal packets for his backpacking trip this weekend, I knew what I had to do...make my own!!

Seriously, this is SOOO EASY to make!  And, what I like about it is that once you have the base you can add whatever your heart desires into the mix to  make it your own.  The options are pretty much limitless!  All you need to do after that is add hot water, and voila you have a yummy, nutritious, FAST breakfast!

Not only will these be awesome on our camping trips, but I am planning on making a bunch of packets to have on hand for quick, easy breakfasts when we're rushing about trying to get the boys to school on time!  I hope you like it! :)

Makes 1 packet

For the base:
*  1/4C quick cooking oats
*  2Tbl. oat flour (*Note: I just grind up 1/4C oats to make my own flour...easy peasy!)
*  1/8tsp. salt
*  snack bags to store it in

For the Mix-Ins: 
Raisin Brown Sugar Oatmeal
*  2Tbl. raisins
*  1Tbl. brown sugar
*  1/8 tsp. cinnamon
*  1tsp. chia seeds (or  more if you like)
*  1Tbl. chopped walnuts

1.  Take 1/4C oats and grind it up until you have a flour-like consistency.
2.  Mix together the oat flour, salt, and quick oats into a bowl.  This is your base!
3.  Now, you can add whatever ingredients you want!  I made the Raisin Brown Sugar one listed above, but again the possibilities are limitless!
4.  I put all the ingredients in snack sized baggies that my husband could bring with him on his trip.  I made another batch and stored them in my pantry for easy breakfasts.
5.  When you're ready to eat it, just add some hot water (more or less depending on how thick/runny you like your oatmeal).  You can also top it with fresh fruit (bananas, berries, etc.), more sweetener of choice, peanut butter, almond butter, etc....   YUM, YUM, YUM!!!
6.  Enjoy!
I know this isn't the greatest picture, but I forgot to take a picture before I started eating it!  :)


misszippy said...

What a great way to take it on the road! Love this.

Jason said...

You know I love the way you think. This is perfect and will certainly be going into my rotation.

OK, I am stealing this one for Fitblogger as well. Probably go up on Friday if you don't mind.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Ok I did not know this!! This is genius and thanks for sharing and making my wallet love the extra $$ by doing this instead

DRog said...

you have me at FAST b-fast:)

P said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never thought of putting almond butter in my oatmeal. And I'm an almond butter fanatic!! Thanks for the great idea!

Jill said...

Awesome!!! I'm definitely going to make this, I love "instant" oatmeal!

Julie said...

What a great idea Aimee!

Regina said...

Finally I got a jump on you! I've been doing this forever instead of instant packs. My son loves them. You still rule though!