March 1, 2011

The Bad and The Good

The Bad:
I know most people start with the good, but I want to end on a positive note, so "the bad" is going first!

*  It has now been 6 weeks since the Rock-N-Roll AZ marathon.  It has been 6 weeks since I injured my ITB on my right leg.  It has been 6 weeks since I ran!

*  Today is a beautiful day here in Denver.  The high is supposed to be in the upper 50s..woohoo!  So, I decided to go out for a run to test my knee.  Plus, I am tired of NOT running!  It is literally driving me insane not being able to run.  I got all geared up and headed to a trail close to my house.  I started running and was amazed by how much running fitness I have lost.  I decided to take it slow and easy.

It felt so good to be outside running again!  I have missed it so much.  I was nervous the entire time, wondering if I would feel that twinge of pain by my knee.  Then, at the 1.4 mile mark, the twinge of pain came and continued to grow.  I stopped running, said some pretty bad cuss words under my breath, and walked back to my car with  my ITB screaming at me the whole way.
Me, sad and scared
 * I got home, did my stretches, foam rolled (OUCH!!), and felt very defeated and scared.  I am sooo worried about what this means for my Ironman training.  I am supposed to officially start my training in 8 weeks!  8 WEEKS and I can't even run 2 miles without pain!  What am I supposed to do?

O-kay, enough of that!
The Good:
*  I went swimming naked this morning and it was awesome!  No, not THAT kind of naked, but without any type of timing device, clock, or plan.  I just really wanted to swim without having any workout to follow or times to record.  I got in the water and it felt so good to be back in the pool again.  I tried to really concentrate on my stroke and I think I'm finally getting "the catch!"  Woohoo!  

*  I was contacted by Devon from Outside PR to see if I wanted to try out some new Pearl Izumi gear!  Of course I said yes, and before I knew it, there was a box waiting for me on my doorstep!  Look at all the goodies inside:

* A pair of Streak II shoes
*  An Infinity In-R-Cool long sleeved shirt
*  A pair of the Infinity Split Shorts

Unfortunately, the shoes are too small, so I'm waiting for my new ones to arrive.  When they do, I'll be sure to write up a review for them.

The weather has been beautiful here lately, so I decided to try the shorts and shirt out on my run today.  Even though I was only able to run 1.4 miles, I was still able to get a good feel for the shorts and shirt.  Hopefully soon, I'll be able to try them out on a longer run (fingers crossed!).  

THE SHORTS: (You can read about the shorts from the PI website [HERE]
*  They are a little shorter than I normally wear, but because they have a split seam on the sides, the back is actually a little longer than the front, making them the perfect length.

* The liner is super soft and very comfortable!  I've had shorts where the liner has been blah, but this liner is awesome!  It stayed put and didn't ride up, get bunched up, or anything.  Yay!

*  It has a small back pocket that is perfect for a gel, key, or ID card.

*  Overall, the shorts were really comfortable.  Because of the split seams, they weren't binding.  And, they don't bunch up in the front which is one of my biggest pet peeves with women's running shorts!  I will definitely be wearing these again in the future!

THE SHIRT: You can read about the shirt from the PI website [HERE]
*  First of all, the shirt is really cute and has an awesome design on the back.  And, I love the blue contrast fabric on the sides.

*  When I first felt the shirt, the first thing I noticed was the fabric.  It is really soft, almost like silk, and feels really nice on my skin.

*  When I went for my run, it was in the low 50s and windy.  This shirt kept me cool when I warmed up, but it also provided the perfect layer of warmth from the wind.  I loved it and it will definitely be a staple in my running wardrobe from now on!

*  Note:  These products were sent to me for review purposes, courtesy of Pearl Izumi and Outside PR.  I was not compensated in any other way for the review, and was not obligated to give them a positive review.  All of the reviews are my own based on my personal experiences.   

* I know today was supposed to be a Tasty Tuesday post, but I promise I'll post a recipe tomorrow! :)  


J. L. said...

Sorry to hear that the run was rough and you're still having pain. I know you'll figure it out, just be patient with it. I struggled with ITB and then I finally found a strength/stretching/run routine that worked for me. And now it's year two of no ITB issues. But I know it can be so, so frustrating. At least you've got some free gear!

Jason said...

Sneaks look awesome. Just picked up a pair of PI myself on super duper sale....$25. Not much for running in them but for going to the gym and lifting in them.

Sorry to hear about your ITB. I hope it heals up quickly to get that IM training going.

And yes I need a Tasty Tuesday recipe.

Jon said...

Amy, go see a Licensed and Certified Massage Physical Therapist. Yes, this an official title. Basically one of these fine folks is going to give you deep tissue massage that will cure you of your ITB pain. Just to warn you, its gonna HURT!!! But! Its so worth it. Lemme know if you have any Q's. My lady has fixed me for two running related injuries. If something like ITB crops up, I would be at her doorstep in a flash.

Emz said...

I love the ending on a + note. ;)

Sorry about the ITB though. :(

Loving the gear!!!! awesome!!

Krista said...

I hope you can find some relief for your ITB issues fast!! I know how much it sucks to be sidelines from running.

Also, don't worry about your running fitness. As long as you are staying active it will come back FAST. I stopped running for 3 months and after 6 weeks of regular running I'm faster than I was at peak shape last year!

Christi said...

I am sorry about your ITB. That is not fun. Have you thought about getting ART?

Running and living said...

Had ITB once and have been doing specific strength ex and streching since, and no more ITB.

DO NOT be worried about running fitness. It will come back. Run with no watch when you can, and walk until then.

I swim naked too and have gotten much better form as a result. When I tried to go fast my form would collapse.

Feel the sad face pic

funderson said...

BOO no running!

Jill said...

Do you follow MissZippy, by chance? Probably a dumb question cuz everyone follows her :) - anyway, she has bad knee problems from ITB so you may want to talk to her - or maybe not since hers is bad.

Hey, I think I know where you were today running! :) Loving these 60+ degree days, wish I could be outdoors enjoying them.

Hope the knee starts to behave soon, in the meantime though enjoy the skinny dipping :).

Amanda@runninghood said...

Sorry about this IT band stuff Aimee. I can definitely relate to the scared, defeated and sad feeling. Thinking of you and hoping it heals really really soon! Um, when do people start sending me free stuff???? seriously! Awesomeness!

Jess @ THIR said...

I like the look of that shirt... Coming into winter here I have to graduate from the singlet into something a little warmer, hoping if the send stuff to Australia this might be it!

Barbie said...

So sad to hear about your ITB. I hope it gets better REAL SOON.

DRog said...

I like Jon's advise and input based on his experience...I had a PT do mine last year during TCM training and it did wonders. fingers crossed for you!!!


AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

Hey there!
First, so sorry about the ITB! Wah!!!! speedy healing vibes your way.

and double sweet on the clothing review. that is WAY too fun. I love the shorts/top.


Matt said...

Hang in there! I know how terrible ITB pain can be! Have you tried massage on it? That REALLY help me. And make sure you are stretching EVERYTHING, not just the ITB.

Julie said...

Darn the ITB! I agree with others, time to see someone.

Love that shirt!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Sorry to hear about your ITB! I've been there and I know how much it sucks. I used a Pat Strap ( during my recovery and it worked great for me. I've heard good things about deep tissue massage as well.

Kirk (MyBestTri) said...

Good lookin gear...sorry to hear about the ITB. I hope it feels better before the training starts.

Trish said...

The Bad: pain... The Good: you look great! :)

Michael said...

I am so sorry about the ITB - ugh...injuries just suck and keep us from doing the things we love. I do love that shirt though - too cute!

Julie said...

Sorry about the run :-(
8 weeks out from the start of my 1/2IM training I was still trying to come back from injury and still not running (in Nov/Dec). I can't believe how much has changed in the last couple of months.


Colleen said...

It pain is horrible... and takes so long to get over! Wishing you some good luck with it!

The PI gear is great... love the shoes!!!

Jill Costantino said...

Oh no that SUCKS about your IT Band. Heal fast!
Love, love, love the shirt - too cute!

Caratunk Girl said...

Oh Amiee, so sorry about the ITB pain!! Sucks. +1 on what Jon said, it might help, as maybe some ART (Active Release Therapy)

Feel better soon!

Cool gear btw.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

Sorry to hear your ITB is acting up. That stinks and I'm sending lots of healing vibes your way girl. Keep working with that foam roller, stretch, ice a lot.
I got the LD shorts with the 2 zip pockets on back and the 1 samll on on each side. Love them! Also got the same long sleeve you got but in black with green accents on back. You are right, the material feels so nice. ALmost silky like. I got the same shoes but they fit me. They are interesting if you aren't used to running almost barefoot. If I recall, you do have the vibram's but I can't remember if you run in them or just walk around in them but the Streak II feels super light but since i'm not used to going barefoot, i could feel my feet getting a little beat up at about mile 3 of 4. I like them a lot though and I can see where it will take some time to build up with them.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry about the injury....I don't even have any great advice.
Sounds like you have a great focus on your swim section though...until you can figure it out maybe you need to use the pool as your escape?
Sorry- I'm no help.

Love that shirt! Woot for trying out cool products:)

Heather said...

I love that you started with the bad first and ended on a positive note!! I'm sorry about the ITB pain. Hang in there, take care of yourself. Hoping for a quick recovery for you.
That's awesome that you got to review all that cool stuff!!

Anne-Marie said...

Boo to ITB pain!! Nagging injuries are so frustrating. I'd second the suggestions above to see a massage therapist or ART therapist... hope it feels better soon!

It is always a bummer when you feel like you've lost running fitness, but it will come back.

I like how you ended with the positive things! And, cool gear too btw!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I really understand how much it sucks not to be able to run, but you have to look at the bright side (if there is one), its March and your IM is in Novemeber, you know you can cover the distance in a mary, you have done it, you will heal in time for this race

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Sucks Aimee...good news is eight weeks is a long time to get healthy

Alisa said...

You're doing exactly what you should be doing resting up before your training starts. I know you'll be all healed by the time the training kicks up! However, I also know how frustrating it is to be sidelined when you don't want to be! Hang in there.

Yay for the good stuff. I have a sony MP3 player that I need to get up for a review soon!

Jealous that you can run in shorts, been chilly here.

joyRuN said...

8 weeks is plenty of time to cross-train & get ready for training season - you'll be good to go :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I have dealt with a couple of ITB injuries in the last year and a half. Not fun. I see you've been getting lots of advice already, but I would recommend seeing a physical therapist, who can assess the problem, give you some strengthening exercises, and otherwise give you advice on how to deal with the injury. I did strength stuff, massage, icing, foam rolling, and stretching. Good luck!