September 24, 2010

A week in review and other random things too!

* So training this week has been great!  I did my long 18 miler, and survived, which made me very happy!  I'm thinking about doing my 20 miler next Sunday (Oct. 3rd), which would be 11 days after my 18 miler.  I don't know when else I could do it and still get in a good taper for the marathon on the 17th.  For those of you who have done a marathon, is this a good plan of attack?  I feel like I need to get the 20 miler in, but I don't want to do it if I can't recover enough for it to do well in the marathon.  Does that make sense?  Ugh...being sidelined by sickness just screws everything up!

*  I had an amazing yoga class yesterday.  It involved a lot of stretching and moves that really helped with my piriformis.  It was almost as if she was catering the workout to me...:)

* I found a new masters swim class that I think I'm going to like a lot better than the one I was going to at 24 hour fitness.  It is put on by Swim Labs, the same company I went to for the video stroke analysis.  The coach actually helped me with my stroke and told me things I could do to improve.  Plus, it was a lot less intimidating than the other one and I just felt more comfortable there.  I know I shouldn't care about how the other swimmers are doing, but it's hard being the slowest one in a class.  Mentally, I just need a change from that.  I really want to focus on my swimming during the off season, so I think this will be good for me.

Other things too:
 *  So, I broke down and bought a pair of CEP Running Progressive Compression socks.  I love my Zoot compression tights, so I thought I would try these too.  I first wore them after my Naked Foot 5k.  My calves were a little sore from running in my VFF Bikilas, and these were awesome! I've since worn them several times after some runs, and I really like how they feel.  They are a little difficult to get on at first, but once they're on they feel great.  The compression is not too tight or too loose, which is nice.  I am planning on wearing them during a 10M run next week to see how they are during running.  If they work well, I may be wearing them for my marathon.  Do any of your have compression socks?  If so, how do you like them?  Have you ever worn them for a long run/marathon? 

*  I volunteered in my son's kindergarten class this week for a couple of hours and it was awesome.  I know a lot of moms and dads don't ever get that opportunity, so I feel very lucky to be able to do it.  It was so cute to see the little kindergartners working away, but boy does the teacher have her hands full!  I taught 3, 4, and 5th grade before being a SAHM, and I gotta tell you I would NOT want to teach kindergarten!  There were some kiddos in there that have never even been to preschool and were just completely clueless about everything.  Then, there were others that were kind of bored because they are already ahead of what they are expected to know by the end of the year.  Crazy, crazy!

Some Randomness:
*  The awesome Beth at Shut Up and Run! tagged me to post 10 random things about myself! Thanks, Beth! :)  So, here they are:

1.  In college I got a degree in Exercise Physiology before getting a degree in Education.  I graduated, and then decided that what I really wanted to do was be a teacher.  Two years later, I graduated again with an Education degree.  I love being a teacher, but what I would really love to do is be a high school running coach.  Then, I could put both of my degrees to use at the same time!  I would LOVE it!

2.  I have never broken a bone (knock on wood!).

3.  I had a red Jeep Wrangler in high school/college and ended up having to sell it.  I loved that thing.  I know it's not a very practical vehicle, but if I could, I would buy another one in a heartbeat!

4.  Moths freak me out.  They fly so sporadically and you never know where they're going to go.  Plus, they like to "hide" in the weirdest places like in the curtains, between the glass and screen door, and they love our garage door!  We get a lot of moths here in CO and I'm always asking my husband to catch them and throw them back outside.

5.  If I could, and I knew that I wouldn't gain a bazillion pounds, I would bake something every day of the week!  There's just something about the process of baking something and the smells that fill the air that I just love.

6.  I've said this in the past, but one of my dreams is to through hike the Appalachian trail.  I WILL do it someday!

7.  Because my dad owned his own construction business when I was growing up, I probably know more about tools and building things then most men (no offense guys!).  It is hilarious when I walk into Home Depot and the guys working there automatically assume I know nothing.  Then, once I start talking to them, I can actually see and hear a shift in the way they look at me and talk to me.  I love having all of the knowledge that I do, and I have my awesome mom and dad to thank for it!

8.  I am an organizational freak!  Seriously, you should see my cabinets.  Almost everything has it's own little labeled bin/container.  It just makes life sooo much easier when things are organized!

9.  I love finding ways to use what I have in my fridge, freezer, and cabinets to create something for lunch or dinner.  I do this because I really don't like to waste food, and it saves money, but really, it just allows me NOT to have to make a trip to the grocery store! :)

10.  I love wearing jeans, and would probably wear them every day if I could.  But, I have a really hard time finding ones that fit me well.  I have "runner's thighs" and a thin waste, so when I find ones that fit my legs/butt, they are huge in the waist and vice versa.  I swear the next time I find a pair of jeans that I love, I'm going to buy 5 pairs of them, just so I never have to shop for jeans again!

Alrighty, I liked how Beth choose people to tag, so I'm going to steal copy her idea!  I'm going to tag the first 5 people that commented on my last post!
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*  I hope you all have a great weekend!  I know there are some of you racing, so good luck to you!  


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i think volunteering at your kids school would be so neat! just to see them in their environmnet

no broken bones here either!

teacherwoman said...

OMG, I am so with you on the jeans and no broken bones!

Running and living said...

Fun, thanks for the tag.
About that last 20 miler. It is a tough call. I typically do my last long run (23 for me this time around) 3 weeks out, then do a 15-18 miler 2 weeks before, and a 13 miler easy 1 week before. For me, a 20 miler 11 days before a marathon is too much. My rule is better well tapered than not tapered enough. But, you know your body best.
I love compression socks (I have lululemon!) but have never worn them in races. I tend to get hot and love to have as few clothes on as possible. But, others in blogland have used them, so see how they feel during the 10 miler. Good luck!

Emz said...

YAY I have always wanted {and still do] a jeep wrangler. Awesome.
I was BORN broken - no joke - broken collar bone. I'm helpless. ;)

And me and jeans - it's ALL I wear - yep even in 110. ;)

I'm getting a pair of those socks though. I think I will need them here soon!!

Megan said...

Wow - long runs! I am SO amazed with marathoners! I stop at 13.1 and don't want to take a step more. : )

I have CW-X compression socks and I like them, don't LOVE them. I guess I thought they'd be a lot tighter. Are the CEP ones super tight? Mine just feel snug.

Heather said...

Have you read the Bill Bryson book, A Walk in the Woods? Super funny book about hiking the Appalachian trail.

Teamarcia said...

I have compression socks but have never raced in them. I only wear them after but I love them!
Love your list--I am so with you baking everyday!

Christi said...

I just bought the compression socks you have today. They were on all at!

My son is completely freaked out by moths! And I am right there with you on jeans. I love wearing them but can never find any to me fit me!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I run and recover in compression socks or sleeves - I have 4 pairs. My longest run in them is just under 10 miles, but it felt like I'd hardly run at all. Of course it was on trails so that makes a difference as well. The simple fact is that I have had no, zero, nada lower leg issues since I started using them.

Ironman By Thirty said...

I have some CW-X tights that I love, but haven't gotten any socks yet. I'm curious to see if you end up using them in your marathon. It looks like we are doing a marathon on the same day albeit a half a dozen states apart (I'm doing the Grand Rapids Marathon).

Kathleen said...

I have some compression socks. Thanks for reminding me about them :)
I have hiked on part of the Appalachian trail many years ago when I was a counselor it training (CIT) for summer camp. I was NOT in condition for hiking! I still remember it.
Tell me about the swim labs master class. Or I can look. Like you, I have been to swim labs and really need a swim group to go to. Like you, I get intimidated and that is the main reason that I have not joined a group. That and I don't know if I swim fast enough. Getting up at crazy hours is also a big deterrent.

Anne-Marie said...

I have two pair of CEP compression socks and I like them... I wore them once in a 10k and it was super hot and humid and I was so overheated I didn't want to wear them to race/run in ever again. I talked to a CEP rep at the NYC tri and he said that they're most beneficial when worn immediately after exercising... that if you put them on as soon as you finish you'll see more benefit than if you put them on 4 hours later.

I have the same problem with finding jeans that fit over my quads/hams but aren't huge around my waist. So frustrating, but I'm glad I'm not the only one. Hmm, if there's others like us out there... it might be a good business plan to develop a line of clothes designed for athletes!

Oh, and with the marathon long run... My experience has always been to do your longest run 3 wks out and taper from there. I tend to err on the side of caution (better to be undertrained than overtrained), but you know your body best.

DRog said...

The 20 miler on the 3rd sounds like a good plan to me!!


Teamarcia said...

Oh yeah I totally forgot I agree with DRog. A 20 on 10/3 would totally work--it would be a 2-week taper technically but some swear by those.
For the Virtual race do a recap on your blog but give me a headsup so I don't miss it! Thx!

Julie said...

I loved helping out at school when my kids were young. I was always amazed by just how needy some of the kids were.

Way to go on getting set up with the new swim group!

Cynthia O'H said...

We teachers are always grateful to parents who volunteer. And, yes, K teachers and grade 1: I don't know how they do it.

I just picked up a pair of compression socks but not the CEP; I just can't bring myself to paying that much for them.

ShutUpandRun said...

So fun to read the random things about you. Thanks for playing along...

Patrick Mahoney said...

The last time I wore compression socks out in public I got harassed by the cops (at 40 years old) at a 7-11. It might have been the Vans slip on shoes and white t-shirt that pushed them over the edge. I guess next time I could wear an old pair of running shoes instead of the Vans and the cops would see me and say "Oh he's not a 'banger he's a tri-dork. He's probably here to buy Muscle Milk."

But in the safety of my own home I have tights or socks on most nights. HUGE difference. I've also been wearing tights on flights (under pants of course) the last 3-4 months.

Regina said...

I just bought a pair of recovery socks too! In pink!! Great minds... I actually already owned a pair that I bought of Amazon (medical grade, I guess that were only $14) and I love them! I wore them quite a few times running longer distances. I have never run a marathon, but I do find they work as my calves get sore on long runs.

I have the same plan of attach for my swim as you. It is my goal to improve that this winter. It is an expensive endeavor, like everything in NYC...sigh. I long for the 'burbs sometimes.

Thanks for the tag! will get my list up this week.

Niki said...

I am thinking about buying a pair of the CEP compression socks also! I like the pink ones :) I am so with you about the jeans!

Julie said...

Hi Aimee,
I love these kinds of posts:) I have the same problem with jeans. I have a tiny waste but my thighs always get bigger with tons of running. My favorite pair of jeans are now just a little bit snug in the thighs! I hate that:( My favorite brand of jeans is Express...they have talls. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am reallllly thinking bout getting CEP's!

Kevin said...

You do not have an email posted so here is a random link for your random post. I saw this blog today and thought you would be interested in it because you like running and food. It seems to be more food than running but there is some running in his posts.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love, love, love compression

I havent broken a bone either (knock on wood)

Everyone in the world knows more about construction and cars then I do.