January 14, 2012

A week in review and other things too

*  I got some new books in the mail!  Woohoo!
1. Relentless Forward Progress:  I just started reading this and already I am loving it!  I cannot wait to get further into it.  It is full of great tips/information and gives you training plans for different distances and training levels.

2.  Thrive Foods:  I have Brendan's book (Thrive: A Vegan Nutrition Guide to optimal performance in sports and life) and really enjoyed it.  While this book has some of the same info. in it, what I like is that it comes with 200 plant based recipes!  So, it's a guide and cookbook in one book...kind of like a 2-in-1! :)

*  One of my friends teaches at Corepower Yoga and she sent out a flyer advertising a free boot camp class.  Now, I haven't done any type of strength training in a long time, but I thought it would be fun, so I went.  Let me just say that IT KICKED MY A**!!  It's so interesting how you can have the best swim/bike/run fitness, but when you do a strength workout it kills you!

This is basically what we did for an hour:
There were 10 stations set up and we did each station for 1min.  After completing each round of stations, we did push-ups for 1min.  I think we ended up doing the stations 3 times.  Then, we did some core/ab work followed by some yoga stretching poses.
1)  Tricep pushbacks using a resistance band attached to the wall
2)  Elbow plank while alternating touching a block in front of us with each hand
3)  Ice skaters between 2 cones
4)  TRX- squat with pull-ups
5)  Squat with side kicks while holding a medicine ball
6)  Hamstrings-while on your back, put your feet on a balance ball and lift your butt up, then pull your feet towards your butt
7)  Step ups onto a bench with knee ups at the top-alternating sides 1/2 way through
8)  Mt. climbers while holding onto a bosu ball
9)  Wall sits with bicep curls
10) Jump rope

This was a great workout and I actually really liked it!  Sooo...instead of paying over $200 for the 2 week class (YIKES!), I am going to set up my own boot camp stations in our basement!  I pretty much have all of the stuff, and it's FREE!  Woohoo!  I figured I could rotate doing the boot camp with my TRX workouts on different days in order to get an all around great strength workout.  What do you think?    

Other Things Too:

*  I got this awesome shirt from Run Pretty Far and I love it!  The material is soft and almost silky and it is super comfortable!  Plus, I love the sayings on this shirt..if you click on the picture you can see them up close.

*  Our oldest son is not one to just put Lego sets together and be done with it.  The things he creates and comes up with are amazing.  So, for Christmas, we got our son the Lego Master Builder Academy program.  Is is AWESOME!  He gets a new kit every month and it comes with a Master Builder book that teaches him Master Builder techniques.  I've been doing the kits with him, because he can't read it all by himself, and we are having a blast!  I'm not very creative when it comes to building with Legos, so I'm secretly loving it because it's teaching me things too! :)  Plus, I'm able to get that special one-on-one time with him in a fun way.

*  Yes, I bought some Bronco's shirts.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge football fan.  BUT, when your home team is in the playoffs, it's pretty cool!  GO BRONCOS!!
Have a great weekend everyone!! :)


misszippy said...

I have a feeling you and I are going to be in opposite corners next weekend w/ the potential for Ravens vs. Broncos!

Totally agree on your assessment about being in good tri shape but then hurting from a strength workout like that! It's amazing.

Love Run Pretty Far stuff!

Colleen said...

Love that shirt! Super cute!

Okay, so that boot camp sounds amazing - I copied it (hope you don't mind) and am going to try it out on my own! Wowzers!

Kirk said...

Both of our girls are into Legos as well. I helped our youngest with a kit earlier this week. The legos kits today are amazing compared to what we had as kids.

J. L. said...

Ok, this is the second time in a week that I've been told I need to get Master Builder for my lego-loving son. Must check it out. And I must check out that shirt. It's super cute! And that Corepower Yoga sounds amazing. It is amazing how those types of exercises can exhaust the body. Good luck with the game.

Missy said...

I ordered some stuff from Run Pretty Far, they were so great. I want to order a shirt next. Love them.
I hear ya about the weight training, it is hard to fit it in. I do a class similar to the one you described once a week and I know it really help with my training but it is so hard to do it when you are training a ton too.
Ugg, if only we had one more hour in our day. :-)

Julie said...

Cute shirt! Awesome workouts!

You are such a good mom Aimee!Awesome what great memories you are making with your boys!

Jill said...

It's about a half hour into the game and we're behind by 14 points already. I hope it's not because you bought a t-shirt!! ;)

Hey, maybe you could invite your out of shape blogger friend over once a week for bootcamp class in your basement!! :)

Kelly said...

What a great idea with the lego thing! I've never heard of that before, but I will definitely look into for my lego-lover's upcoming birthday!

Christi said...

I did a boot camp with my friend 2 weeks ago and it kicked my butt. I could hardly move for a week after!

Master builder, how cool is that! My brother and I loved legos as a kids.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

WHat a fun week

Alisa said...

Super fun!

I absolutely LOVE corepower. I take the sculpt classes at least once a week, it's close to their bootcamp sessions. I would love to do a bootcamp program but again, pricey. =(

PS My hubby has that ultra book the relentless forward motion one.