January 8, 2012

A run, a coyote, and a jog strap??

Yesterday, even though it was only about 30 degrees outside, I decided I had had enough of the treadmill and decided just to bundle up and run outside!  I am sooo glad I did because I ended up having a great run!
During IMAZ training I took a break from running in my VFF Bikilas.  But, now that training is over, I've been wearing them on every run alternating them with my Brooks Racer ST5 in order to slowly build up my mileage.  I started with just wearing them for 1/4M, then adding 1/4M more each run.  Now, I'm up to wearing them for 2M.  So, for this run, I wanted to try out my New Balance Minimus trail shoes.

I drove to the Cherry Creek State Park, laced up my trail shoes, and hit the trail for a 1M out and back course.  IT WAS AWESOME!!  I LOVE those shoes!  They are really comfortable and I cannot wait to take them on longer trail runs.

Don't my feet look happy?

As a side note, back in my high school days when I ran cross county, this is how I would do my shoe laces to keep them from coming undone.  It works like a charm!  That was WAY before I knew anything about Yankz..ha ha!

Anyways, after my 2M trail run, I laced up  my Brooks and set out for another 2 miles.  This time I decided to run on a paved trail.  About a 1/2M into my run I looked over to my left and saw this:

It stopped me DEAD in my tracks!  Coyotes around here are known for attacking small dogs and even runners, so I was a little scared.  But then, I noticed that it was NOT moving.  I starred and starred at it, but it did not move!  WTF??

So, I looked just a little bit closer and noticed that it had a stick down the middle going into the ground.  WHAT??  I was soooo confused and thought that some high school kids had put it there as a prank.

Here's a close up...can you see the stick in the middle??

I started running again, and I started seeing more and more of these coyote signs!  WHAT was going on?  Then, I saw 3 hockey fields covered in geese.  Were the coyotes a way to keep geese away?  At first, I thought it must have worked because there weren't any geese by the coyote I saw.  Then, as I ran longer, I noticed that there were geese even in areas that had a coyote sign.

So, I have no idea about those coyotes!!

Although this has nothing to do with my run, I thought I'd share one last thing that I thought was hilarious!!  Enjoy!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!


Julie said...

Today turned out to be better then expected, glad you got out to enjoy it. I've seen different "coyote" things around town recently too. Someone told me what they were for I think but for the life of me I can't remember now. It's an age thing. :)

That jog strap is funny!

Zaneta said...

That coyote thing is a little strange lol... I have no clue what it could be for...
That commercial is hilarious! lol

Andrea said...

Nearly choked watching the Jog Strap!
Glad you are training in your Bakila's again and had a great run today. :)

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Scarecrow Coyotes huh? Interesting.

A buddy and I came up on two coyotes right in front of Lake Houston when we wee running two weeks ago. It was right before it got dark and I had on my headlamp and caught the eyes before we even saw them.

Man, they took off like they were shot out of a gun .. fast little buggers!

Jill said...

I see coyote constantly at CC Park, do you see them over there? I've probably seen them over 3 dozen times, especially when I run on the trails back in the woods. Never have they bothered me but one time I was sort of at a dead end trail and three of them were right there, sort of cornering me. Only time I was pretty scared. Thankfully, I'm still alive :).

I ran yesterday and by the end of my long run, I was in a massive snowstorm. Or so it seemed. Was not fun. Glad you enjoyed your run and got our your cute shoes again :).

Let's get a run together on the calendar!!

Ironman By Thirty said...

Yet another reason why I like running in Michigan... no coyotes! :)

Let us know how that Jog Strap works out for you. haha

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I dont miss coyotes!! Nice run

Christi said...

I love the jog strap commercial!


I wonder if the jog strap comes with a 24oz bottle model?

Deb said...

I see coyotes semi-regularly. I've never heard of them attacking adults, but there has been occasional attacks on children, and definitely pets.

No idea what the coyote signs are though!

JFord said...

I have seen these coyote decoys before but I have no idea if they work!

My jog strap is only an 8 ouncer, not the normal 24 ounces!

Jason said...

Your coyote had a stick....my coyote was real. It was around 5am in my neighborhood when he and I crossed paths. He got scared of me and ran away (or at least that is what I'm telling myself.)

Great to see you smiling and enjoying running the trails again.

Humpastry Day Wednesday? My bread came out really good but I have a couple of things to work on for the next loaf.

Jon said...

OMG that commercial was off the charts funny! I was losing it the entire time then the "coin holder" part popped up and I COMPLETELY lost it! Thanks for sharing!

Betsy said...

I had a coyote follow me and my small dog around Sloans Lake and it scared the CRAP out of me! This one was moving adn did not have a stick down the middle.

joyRuN said...

My laces keep coming undone in my Nike Frees - now I know how to fix that! My other shoes have Yanx - I can't be bothered to bend down that long ;)

track coach and adorable wife said...

Those coyotes would have totally freaked me out! I think I want to be brave like you and try running outside. I have the gear, and I need some fresh cold air!

Julie Arts said...

Awesome video!! Love how they captured that last frame. Too funny!