October 20, 2011

My Long Run - In Numbers

I thought I'd switch things up a bit with this post!

49 - the temperature when I started my run....brrrr!

1 - pair of hot pink CEP compression socks that I'm planning on wearing at IMAZ.  I know the colors totally clash, but I have my reasons for wearing them (a post to come).

5 - the number of house painters that completely starred at me as I left my cul-de-sac and headed out for my run

2 - the number of dogs I encountered on the trail that I thought would jump on me/bite me because their owners did not pull their leashes tight!  Ugh!!

75+ - the number of beautiful fall trees I ran by.  The red, orange, brown, and green colors are sooo beautiful this time of year!

2 - the number of bathroom breaks I had to do because I didn't make the best choice for breakfast...ugh!

2 - the number of snakes I came across on the trail

1 - the number of snakes I almost stepped on because I was looking at the other one!  I saw it at the last minute and did this crazy jump/skip thing over it because it completely freaked me out!

1 - the number of times I may have screamed because of that snake!

2 - the number of Hammer gels consumed.  Yum!

5 - the number of Honey Stinger gels consumed.  Yum, yum!

1 - the number of hours I had to run without my ipod b/c it died!  I guess it's good training for IMAZ, but I really missed my music!

2:30 - the total time of my run!  Woohoo!

365 - my bib number for IMAZ!  For some reason, seeing my bib number made this whole thing "real."  My heart seriously skipped a beat when I saw my number and I got goosebumps all over my arms!


Tricia said...

hmmm did i miss the number of miles?

:) super exciting!

Teamarcia said...

Ok I can do without the snake talk and the snake pic is overkill. just saying. EEK!
I am loving that bib number. Great omen in 365. I'm getting so excited for you! :D

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Good run! You are ready!!

Hate the snakes too!

Anne-Marie said...

If I was writing this post, it would've had this addition:

"1: Number of heart attacks after nearly stepping on said snake."

Sounds like you're ready for IMAZ! Yay!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I HATE SNAKES, hatem hate hate them!!!!

I am excited for you!!!

Beth said...

I LOVE your socks, this was a fun post, makes me wish I was out there runnin!

Jon said...

This is an AWESOME post! Will have to copy this next year when I start hitting the long runs again.

365 seems like a really awesome race number to have!

misszippy said...

Love the bib number! Ugh to those snakes. Fun post!

Jill said...

You must have been over at CC Trails ?? because I've seen lots of snakes over there the past two weeks...and I scream MORE than once!!

Excellent job on the run - yay!!

Christi said...

I love the compression socks. I have the same pair!

Snakes are no fun and I see alot of them riding in Fountain, CO.

Great job on the run and let's go 365! I can't wait to track you on race day.


Locked and loaded.... 365
Ready to fire!!
Good job

Michelle Simmons said...

There are no snakes in Hawaii. Thank god! :) Great run! Enjoy the rest of your peaking!

Julie said...

Love the socks and the shoes! I think it looks great together! Screams LOOK AT ME! I ROCK! and you do!

HATE the snackes! Everyone seems to be posting pics of them recently.

Has been some georgeous weather recently!


Love this post. The sock and shoe combo is epic. And awesome bib # I fell good mojo!

Molly said...

Great job! We are almost there! It's amazing how much can happen in a long run, huh?

Jill Costantino said...

OMG - I would still be screaming from the snake!
You are so going to ROCK IMAZ - woohoo! Congrats on the journey!

J. L. said...

365...That is an AWESOME number! Snake picture...EEEK! I hate those things. I saw a rattlesnake on my long ride last week, but I certainly didn't stop to take a picture of it! EEEK, again!

I dig the compression socks and all the colors!

DRog said...

great number:)

Kirk said...

You are really putting in the training. You'll do great at IMAZ. Good bib number.

Michael said...

Man I hate snakes, I just about stepped on one this summer. Not cool.

365....what a cool race number!! That's because you've been working for this all year! You've got this for real!

Ironman By Thirty said...

365 - That is an awesome race number! If the bikes are racked like IMWI, that means you'll be really close to the bike out which would be awesome.

I hate owners who don't pull their dogs closer. I am often more afraid of the leash than the dog and getting tripped by it.

Jason said...

I am a huge baby when it comes to snakes. Karen mentioned that there were some down by the lake. A few moments later we ran past this glop on the ground and I immediately thought it was a snake and ran in the middle of the road to avoid it.

Seriously 365? That is THE best bib number ever. We train, think, race, work, motivate, inspire 365 days a year. That is perfect.

Caratunk Girl said...

YAY for the bib # doesn't it make it even more real???? I am so stoked for you!!

365 is a wicked LUCKY bib # :)

I don't run with music, never could get used to it. I tried too. LOVE HS Gels too.

Betsy said...

having been in denver for 3 weeks now I am not used to the snakes yet!

On another note - I will be volunteering at a waterstop at IMAZ. I will watch for the pink and orange!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Snakes, yikes! Fun post though!