October 25, 2011

Going Long Again and Advice Needed

...bullet style

*  Once again, Kathleen and I ventured out for another long bike ride.  We decided to meet a little later b/c of the cold temps, but it was still cold enough for ear warmers, arm warmers, jackets, and knee warmers.  Brrr!  The ride went really well for the most part.  However, after about 4hrs, the winds started picking up.  It was so strong and we ended up having to ride in a headwind for over an hour!  Ugh!  But, we finally made it to our cars 5 1/2 hrs. and roughly 90M later!  Woohoo!

*  After we got to our cars, we went our separate ways.  Kathleen had a little longer to ride, and I needed to do an hour run.  I was cold after I got off my bike and completely sick of the wind and debated whether or not I wanted to do my run.  I called my husband and told him I didn't know if I was going to run and he said, "Go for your run.  You need to do it.  It's good training for you."  He was right, of course.  Thanks to his words of support, I headed out on my run.  I had my tri top on and arm warmers, but I was still sooo cold!  The winds were crazy and blowing me all around.  I felt good on the run, but after 40min. I called it quits.  I was freezing and just done.  

*  For my brick I had on a pair of tri shorts that were probably 5 years old.  My other ones were dirty (With all this training I just can't seem to keep up with the laundry!), so I figured they would be fine.  WRONG!  On the entire bike ride, my shorts kept riding up and up and up and I was constantly pulling them down, which is not easy to do while riding.  It was sooo annoying!  Then, on my run, they did the same thing!!  I was so sick of those shorts, which is another reason why I cut my run short.  As soon as I got home, I threw the shorts in the trash!!!  I don't know how long tri shorts are supposed to last, but I figured getting 5 years out of them was good enough!

* On Monday I had my long run: 2:45.  Although I have my nutrition figured out for the bike for IMAZ, I have been stressing over what to do for the run.  I have been training with water, EFS, and gels, but I've also been using my Nathan 4bottle waist belt where I'm able to carry all my nutrition with me.  I know I DO NOT want to wear my hydration belt for IMAZ, so I've been trying to figure out what to do.  I have a little 8oz. handheld that I'll be using, but it's just not enough to make it to the run special needs bag to refill my EFS.

SO....I experimented on my long run yesterday.  What I decided to do was just use water and take an Endurolyte pill every 30min. and a gel every 45min.  IT WORKED PERFECTLY!  I did not miss the EFS at all and in fact, I had the BEST run of my entire training plan!  I felt strong and smooth, and felt I could keep going!  It was awesome!
So, I need some advice:  Do you think that's a good plan?  Is there anything wrong with just using water and Endurolytes for the run?  I figured I could always get a cup of Perform/coke if I felt I needed it during IMAZ, and I am still planning on having some EFS in my 8oz handheld to start and in my special needs bag.  So, what do you think?  Any advice/ideas/etc. would be greatly appreciated!

*  I have a new love...Strawberry Banana Mix 1.  I have a REALLY hard time eating anything after my long bricks and long runs.  Sometimes I can't even get chocolate milk down.  BUT, I won a case of Mix 1 drinks a month ago and they are AWESOME!  They are the perfect recovery drink for me after my bricks/runs.
Here are some facts about them:
~ It is an all natural protein drink
~ Free of lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine
~ Has 3 servings of fruits/veggies
~ Full of antioxidants

They are kind of pricey, but I only use 2/week, so I figured it was a good investment because it allows me to get something into my body to help recover from my long workouts.  Plus, they are super yummy!!  I love them!!  Do any of you drink Mix 1??  


misszippy said...

So funny about the shorts. I'd do the same! On your nutrition--try it on your next long brick and see how you do. If it works, then go with it. Everybody is different; you'll figure it out.

Way to stick it out in the wind!

Jon said...

First, nice job on the bike! 5.5 hour ride is no joke!

Whatever you use on the run, DONT use on the bike, and vice versa. You are gonna be sick of whatever you eat on the bike that you will literally throw up at the thought of eating again on the run.

I would bring along a small plastic baggie filled with tums and or whatever antacid feels best for you. Do they make pepto in pill form? When I hit mile 18 of the run at Placid, THOSE were the things that I should have taken at mile 2 of the run.

Its just too hard to know how your body is going to react on race day and its too hard to simulate that even on the longest of training days. But! The best thing you can do is take preventative measures that won't cause any harm.

For my next Ironman, I am taking the tums and pepto at teh start of the run for those very reasons. Getting the runs on the run sucks!

Good luck!

Beth said...

Wow, great job on your killer workouts! I think your nutrition plan looks solid, if you felt good than stick with it. I love mix one as well, I haven’t tried it before workouts but I hear it works well for that too.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I still have my first pair of tri shorts, I HATE THEM TOO, though I havent come to terms that they belong in the trash yet

- Nice training

- I have been told more then once to pack some real food in your special need bags, something you really like, comfort food, as a pick me up and help with a little motivation

- I like Mix1, too expensive to buy all the time

Christi said...

Great job on the training! You and Kathleen are doing very well.

I agree with BDD. Pack some comfort food just in case.

I haven't tried Mix 1 but I may have to now.

Angela and David said...

I actually used to use Mix 1 as my nutrition while racing for anything shorter than halves (anything longer and they'd get hot and kind of nasty). Good stuff.

Sounds like training is coming right along!

Betsy said...

For my IM run I alternate btw water and perform and take Gu. There is tons of food but none of it looks appealing to me - except for that cookie I took 1 mile from teh finish this year!

Having a plan where you use as much as their course support as possible is a good idea as is a plan A and plan B because you just dont' know what your stomach will be doing at that point. Be prepared to problem solve and deviate from the plan. Although I think sticking to a nutrition plan on the bike minimizes the need do that.

Nailing the nutrition is key to a good Ironman! You've got this!

Michelle Simmons said...

Fueling yourself correctly during long training is a choice. Will you FEEL like eating anything during an IM marathon? Likely not. Does that mean you can get by without fueling correctly? No. Whether you take EFS or GU or Hammer gels or Coke or whatever... does not really matter... but getting in ~200 cal/hour on that run will be the difference between feeling decent in the second half and walking. Plan to be flexible with what/which fuel you choose, but don't allow yourself to be flexible in choosing whether or not to take the calories at all. :)

J. L. said...

I think 5 years is long enough for tri shorts!

I definitely agree that you need something different for the run than on the bike. FOr my 70.3's by the time I get to the run, I can't stomach anything I had on the bike (it may be mental at that point.) It sounds like since your run went so well, it's a great plan. And that can keep you going. Look at the number of calories going in.

Getting so excited for you!

Lauren said...

I am doing IM Coz (a week after IMAZ) and I have been experimenting as well. I dithced the EFS and now use Salt Stick tablets for my salt and electrolytes and so far its been working well!

PS- I just moved to Denver and visited the guys at Tri Bellas and they told me you were on their team :) I look forward to hopefully being a aprt of that team next season!

Kirk said...

I have some shorts that are older than that. The waistband is giving out so they are probably headed for the garbage as well.

I haven't tried Mix 1. In fact your blog was the first time I've seen it. I'll have to look for it around here. I've been experimenting with recovery drinks. That sounds like a good one.

Alisa said...

I too have a pair of shorts that recently made their way to the trash can! I have a drawer (more like 2) full of running/cycling/tri gear it was really unnecessary for me to keep them!

As for your run at IMAZ, I've never done an IM before but for me, I cannot drink sports drinks of any kind running. I always rely on Gu/Gel and water. During my HIM I did eat some "real" food at the aid stations as they had some mini peanut butter sandwiches of which I think I ate 2ish and I did try the flat coke but honestly, it didn't taste that good to me. Maybe it's b/c my race was really warm and the coke was warm it was kind of gross. I've always done just fine with water and gel/gu/sometimes a more subtantial powerbar or something. I think if it worked for you in training after a long ride then it's pretty safe to say it'll work during the race. You could always stash some of your drink at special needs, right? And if you feel like you want it just carry a small bottle with you for awhile. I know my friend jen has gotten really into filling regular sport top bottles with stuff (the mini bottles) and then she can just throw the bottle when she doesn't want to carry it anymore.

Great training!

Caratunk Girl said...

I did the salt tabs/water for my ENTIRE IM. I did not drink a single electrolyte drink. Cause they make me gag.

It was cooler than what you will have, so you may want more, but I did 1 salt tab/hour. It worked great. Email me if you have questions.

Colleen said...

If it works for you and you had a great run, keep trying it. Like the others day have said... it's such a personal thing. During my IM's, I couldn't stomach anything on the run except coke, water and chicken broth. I love Jon's suggestion of using anything that's different than the bike!

Great job getting those workouts done. Sometimes the hardest ones to finish are the ones that make you tougher!

Kathy said...

great advice on something different run vs bike. My last long bike I picked up a package of Ritz crackers after my first loop (of 3) and was dreaming about them the entire 2nd loop. I'm putting Ritz in my bag for IMCOZ. :)

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i'll just be reading everyone else's comments since I'm still a messy work in progress on this front.

however i do like mix1!

BrienD said...

I'll be doing IMAZ as well (found your blog linked on BT) and your run strategy is very similar to mine. I sip on perform and water the entire time and eat a gel an hour. I finish around 8oz of perform/hour give or take and enough water to keep me hydrated. I've found any more and I am hurting...any less and I lose the will to keep going. I did a final test of this strategy last weekend for a 20 miler and it worked like a champ. Yah, I'm sick and tired of gels and perform by then, but I'll just deal with it. I can have variety after the race.

Caroline said...

5 yrs on the short is more than good enough...!

I am like Amanda..reading the comments on the fuel

I use sports beans...and the same salt tablets as you, I love them