December 3, 2010

A week in review and other things too

*  Training for this week can pretty much be summed up by one word: BLAH!  Ever since my 18miler turned 14miler last weekend, I have just been in a weird funk.  I don't know what it is, but it needs to stop NOW!  I guess it didn't help that my husband was sick with a 24hr. stomach bug and my youngest is having night terrors.  The lack of sleep is definitely playing a toll.

*  I missed my yoga class this week too...:(

*  I downloaded a winter tri maintenance plan from and am thinking about starting it up in the next 2 weeks.  This might sound crazy, but I think my blahness (not a real word, but it should be!) is because I'm tired of JUST running.  I miss riding my bike and swimming.  It may sound crazy, but I actually like looking at my calendar and seeing a nice mix of swims, bike rides, and runs to do!  I'm not sure how it will play into my marathon training, but I guess I'll find out pretty soon.  

Other things too:

*Trish at My Path to Travel left me a comment directing me to this site and I thought I'd pass it along:  I'm sure you all know the story of Jon "Blazeman" Blias.  Well, music and triathlon recently came together to raise more money for the Blazeman Foundation to fight the war on ALS.  All you have to do is go to iTunes, buy the tunes, and 100% of the proceeds will go to help fight ALS.  Pretty cool huh?
Here are links from iTunes:
*Blazeman Band - Ironman Blazeman [HERE]
*Ironband - Please, Please, Santa [HERE]

You can also check out this video [HERE] of the "Iron Blazeman" song video featuring some great musicians and pros.  I have to admit it was pretty crazy to see Chrissy Wellington and Matty Reed singing. :)

*  I won an Outside PR bucket full of goodies from Tall Mom on the Run and it came in the mail today!  All I can say is WOW!  There were so many cool things in the bucket!  Check out all the goodies!
I am so excited to try these things out!
Oh, and I have some good news!  One of the items you see in the picture will be featured in a special giveaway!  Details coming soon!  Woohoo! :)

*  So, Hammer nutrition [HERE] is having an awesome sale right now.  All of their fuel and supplements are 20% off from now until Dec. 17th.  My husband and I love Hammer gel, so we decided to take advantage of their awesome prices and stock up.  Well, our order arrived today and I was shocked to find tons of extra things inside!
Hammer rocks!  The boxes and big gel container is what we ordered, everything else were free goodies!  I have been reading a lot of great things about Perpetuem and Heed, so I am really excited about trying them out in my training.  Plus, now that IMAZ is right around the corner (well, really 11 months away..he he), I need to figure out what my nutrition will be come race day (yes, I am already stressing about it!).

*  Is it really already Dec. 3rd???  That is crazy!  That means we only have 22 days until Christmas!  Wow!  I think we're going to get our Christmas tree this weekend.  Yay!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  :)


Kirstie said...

Good mail day for you! Nice score on the giveaway and all the Hammer freebies. Enjoy!

P said...

Sorry you had such a blah week - those are tough, but they sure make the good weeks feel even better!
Nice score on all that Outside PR stuff, luck girl!! :-)

AM-GoalsfortheWeek said...

I think the blah training feeling sounds super normal and def in w/all your training/races. you're a-ok

cool give away loot!

and thanks for sharing the ironband music link. will check out now;0

jojo88 said...

Great prizes and goodies! I love getting stuff in the mail, feels like Christmas even when you ordered them yourself :-)

I love Perpetuem. During an 80 mile ride this summer I forgot to pack my gels and food. Thought briefly about abandoning my ride but decided to try riding with just Perpetuem and Heed in my bottles. I was fine without the gels and didn't feel fatigue. Since that time I've used it on all my longer rides. I did a century ride on 2 packets of Perpetuems and wasn't wasted at the end. I love it and firmly believes it kept me from bonking. Heed however, tasted like plastic and I can't get use to it (and I tried 3 different flavors).

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

running exclusively can be so blah, no wonder you are feeling like that. glad you found the BT program to mix it up a bit. Plus with just 42 days to go before the mary, it will keep your legs fresher. Very cool to read that you are doing IMAZ. It'll be here soon. Love Hammer stuff. I always look forward to their mailer that has all the sale stuff this time of year and load up like you did. Kick those blahs away now and have an awesome weekend!

Julie said...

I am really enjoying the BT winter program (even if I've barley been to the pool :) ) I need the direction of what to do rather then just faking it as I go.

Looks like some really great goodies you got!

Kelly said...

It's like an early Christmas at your house!! Congrats.

ShutUpandRun said...

Hope you get out of your blahness soon.Yes, it should be a word. Maybe mixing it up with the biking and swimming will help.

I love Hammer products too!

Julie said...

The last few weeks have been blah for me too! I have not been training for a real reason other than not being in the mood:(

I am sorry to hear about your sick little one. It is always so hard and scary when the kids get sick. There is a bug floating around my little guy's daycare...keeping my fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy here.

Congrats on the blogger giveaway win! Take care Aimee!

Anne-Marie said...

Very cool give-away and freebie Hammer Stuff! Perpetuem is AWESOME! I used it in my IM training and during IM Louisville and the Chicago Marathon and I swear it is so much more effective than just gatorade/gu's. It's definitely good to start thinking about your IMAZ nutrition now!

misszippy said...

Wow--fun week for you on the receiving end! As to the "blahs," it's that time of the year. I think it's always harder to motivate right now. But, I think it's great you recognized that your fix might be getting in more swimming/cycling.

Christi said...

Awesome loot all the way around! I am super jealous!

I got my schedule for December the other day and I was so excited to see a brick or two on the schedule! I almost did my happy dance! We, triathletes, are a strange group but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Kristin said...

I LOVE Perpetuem and Heed!! I use it all the time! Not a fan of the gels as they make me vomit but love everything else!! Im jealous of that huge package you got!!

Velma said...

Have a great weekend! I feel ya on the blahs. A new plan should be a great help.

Kathleen said...

I know all about the blahs! Maybe you just need/needed some down time for a bit.
So you are worrying about nutrition during IMAZ too? :)

Ironman By Thirty said...

I'm with you. I miss my training calendar. I have been running way too much and not doing hardly any biking. I need to correct that.

Regina said...

sorry about your blah week. It happens though to all of us. I, for one, have been very happy to only be running and swimming for the last two months. That will change this week though, back in the saddle.

great benefit, thanks for sharing that.

I too cannot wait to get the tree up!!!

Jon said...

Hope the "blah" goes away! Nothing worse than "The Funk", as I call it.

Barbie said...

Congrats on the giveaway. As for your "blahness" yes I think its a word too is here too. I am having a bit of a mental BLAH.

Anonymous said...

That goody basket looks great :)

My last week (two weeks actually) have been blah- I was on hiatus. Getting up early again starting this week!

kizzy said...

really enjoying your post...great giveaways...congrats!

--I prefer running without shoes. My toes didn't get cold. Besides, if I'm in front from the start, no one can step on them. ~Michelle Dekkers - mountain hardwear

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am blah too, I think mine is from the winter and cold, and no races, sighhhhhhhh is it spring yet?

Runners Fuel said...

I love it!

Alisa said...

I miss swimming and biking too! I'm getting back in the pool today and plan to start going to my tri clubs spin class on sundays. Hopefully I can fit it all in while training for Goofy.

Oooh and that basket from Outside PR is amazing!

Thanks for the letting me and everyone else know about the Hammer nutrition sale. Heed and Hammer Gels are my favorite.

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

I find it so much easier to stay motivated when I'm swimming and biking. Running gets so boring after a while!

The Outside PR basket looks amazing!! And so much fun to get in the mail!

I LOVE the Hammer apple gel - thanks for the notice of the sale!

Colleen said...

((HUGS)) As you know, I've been through the blahs and am just now getting out of them! :) You can do it!

Congrats on the great giveaway win!