January 19, 2010

Let the training begin!!!

So, yesterday marked the first day of the Cape Atlantic 140.6 challenge! Woohoo!  If you missed my first post about it you can find it here.  Yesterday also marked the first official day of my 1/2 marathon training.  Although I've been kind of following a "winter maintenance" triathlon plan from http://beginnertriathlete.com (the greatest site ever!!), I wanted to up my run training for the 1/2.  I decided to do Hal Higdon's Intermediate Plan  and I think it will be just what I need!  I used his beginner plan for my first 1/2 and I really liked it so I thought I'd give the intermediate a try!  I'd like to set a PR this time, but we'll see.  The 1/2 is in April which is a tricky time for weather here.  It could be snowing or sunny...only time will tell!

I kicked off my training with a nice 3.5 mile run at the gym.  I dropped my boys off at Kids Club and then proceeded to wait for 10 minutes until a treadmill opened up.  I can definitely see a difference in the amount of people at my gym since the new year started!  I'm all for people taking action to become healthy, but I've seen the same thing every year.  For about a month the gym is packed, then it gets increasingly emptier as time goes on.  As much as it sucked to wait for a treadmill, I think I'd much rather have it packed knowing people are trying to change their lives for the better then to see the gym empty again, knowing that those people gave up.  It just makes me kind of sad knowing that people just give up so easily.  What is it about some people that are able to stick it out when the going gets tough??    

When I first started training for triathlons my family and friends were amazed at how I was able to get my training done with all of the other things that were going on in my life.  Yes, it was hard to adjust to fitting it all in, but for me it was something that I was passionate about and I made it a priority.  I made myself a priority.  Maybe that's what more people need to do...make themselves more of a priority??  I'm not saying it was easy to do, but I realized that I needed to put myself first sometimes..ahead of my husband and my kids.  Maybe that's wrong, but I don't think it is.  What I found was that when I was able to exercise and do things for myself I became a better mother and wife.  I was more patient with the kids and had more energy to play (with my kids and my husband...ha ha).

Wow, this post has taken on an entirely different direction then what I originally planned to write.  Sorry about all the ramblings, but there's one last thing that I just have to say...I am excited about training again!  I'm excited about feeling sore the next day...not the soreness where you can't walk, but the soreness you get from a really good workout!  I'm excited about gaining back the fitness that I lost after my HIM.  I'm actually excited about getting back into the pool and becoming a better swimmer (something I desperately what to become)!  Here's hoping you all feel the excitement from training too!  Maybe if more people could feel it, they wouldn't give up so easily????


Mel-2nd Chances said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I meant to last wee, I'm sorry! You're dead on when you talk about making yourself a priority and making the time, it's exactly what I'm finding now... crazy, yes, but I love it! Good luck in the 140.6 challenged, I saw another blogger post about it a few weeks ago, but got distracted then too! Ooops :( Looking forward to following your training :)

Julie said...

I'm with you I just love that feeling in the morning when you first wake up and stretch and feel that bit of soreness in your muscles, not enough to hurt just enough to know that you are using your body!

I signed up for the Contact Tri also(saw it on your sight) my 1st day successful, 2nd not so much. :) Who knew they would be having a swim meet at the pool?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I agree 100% about making yourself a priority. Maybe this is why we do this sport, you are only racing against yourself. If I didnt make myself a priority, I would not be a triathlete. Sure people tried to derail my goal, but I put the time in and accomplished my goal. Now I am hopelessly addicted to it.

Velma said...

I agree. We need to put ourselves first sometimes, and I figure what else would I be doing at 5 am :) Thanks for all the recipes and please share your tips for the 70.3

Anonymous said...

sweet...I luv that winter maintenance program..it is def a good one. as for the NYR-ers....I hope they stick it out and turn this new committment into a lifestyle...sad that so many don't do that, tho

janet said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I think it's important to make yourself a priority, and maybe if all of the new folks at the gym did that they wouldn't give up and quit so quickly. You are an inspiration!