January 2, 2010

New Year, New Goals

First off, I'd like to say, "Happy New Year" everyone! I really can't believe that it is already January. Where did Fall go?? I'm actually excited for the new year because it means the beginning of tri training again! Of course I've been running and biking here and there, but I'm talking about an actual "plan" with set times and distances. I do much better with keeping up with my fitness when I have something telling me what I should be doing. Otherwise I tend to slack off and before I know it I've gained 10 pounds and my fitness is completely shot! Of course I'm only starting a winter maintenance plan right now, but come March I'll be starting my training for my Half Ironman in August...woohoo!

I know a lot of people make New Year resolutions, but I like to phrase mine more as goals. So, here are some goals I'd like to accomplish this next year:

1. Take swimming lessons to help improve my swimming.
I'm not a horrible swimmer, but I am slower than I'd like. Last year I would get so frustrated after a race when I would look at my times compared to other age groupers. I would beat them in the bike and run, but they always killed me on the swim.

2. Become a speedier runner
I think I have pretty much had the same pace for as long as I can remember. For some reason I have this mental block when it comes to increasing my pace. I know what pace I am comfortable with and have a difficult time pushing myself to become better and faster. So, my goal for running is to get outside my comfort zone and see what I can really do!

3. Learn how to train my dog so I can run with him
I've always wanted a running dog partner. I see people running with their dogs all of the time and I get so jealous. We have a black lab mix that weighs about 95 pounds. He's all muscle and is very very strong. I weigh around 125, so he can literally pull me around and if he were to take off after a squirrel or something I wouldn't be able to stop him. But, I would love to be able to run with him and I know he would really love to run with me. Plus, I think I would feel more comfortable running in the dark if he were with me. I mean, who's going to mess with a 95 pound dog??

4. Beat my first HIM time of 5:42
I'll be doing my second HIM this year in August. I wanted to do the same HIM I did last year, but the timing just won't work out this year. Plus, the HIM I picked is the new Boulder 70.3, and I'm excited about doing another race in Boulder. It's such a great venue for triathlons and August is a great time of year in Colorado. This goal really stems from goal #1 and 2. Yes, I know they are two different races and it's like comparing apples to oranges, but it's my goal and I'm sticking to it! :)

5. Spend more weekends hiking and camping with our boys instead of racing
Last year between my husband and I we had a lot of races scheduled during the spring and summer months. On the weekends that were free we either went hiking or camping with our boys in the mountains. They absolutely loved it and so did I. This year, we want to camp/hike as much as possible. Races will always be here, but having our kids want to actually spend time with us won't last forever.

6. Be a more consistent blogger
Let's face it, I haven't really been that great at posting on my blog. It's my own fault and I could list some reasons, but they would be more like excuses and there really is no excuse. I promise to be better.

Alrighty...so there are my 2010 goals! Woohoo! I like putting them down on paper (well virtual paper...ha ha)!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

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