January 15, 2010

Light and Fast!

Hooray!  I finally got a new pair of running shoes!  But not just any pair of running shoes....trainers!  The Brooks Racer ST 4 to be exact.  Here's a pic. of my new shoes....aren't they ummm pretty?  Don't you just love the red and black with the flashy gold logo????

Alright, so they  may not be the prettiest shoes out there, but they are a unisex shoe so I guess I can't complain!

I have been wanting to get a pair of trainers for quite some time.  After reading,  Born to Run and doing some additional research on barefoot running I decided to transition to a more minimalist shoe.  I wanted to get a pair of racing flats because while they are not made specifically to simulate barefoot running, they are the closest you can get in a running shoe. Plus, because they are so light weight they'll make me super fast!  Well, maybe not, but I can dream can't I???  Eventually I want to transition to the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila, but it isn't out until the spring. I have been doing some barefoot running on some of my shorter runs and have worked my way up to a mile.  So far I love it!  I have been taking it slow like everyone suggests and I haven't had any injuries, major soreness, or anything.  Honestly, it has felt really good to run barefoot.

So, back to my trainers! When I went to register for the Platte 1/2 marathon they were having a deal where you get $5 off race registration and 25% off a pair of Brooks shoes when purchased together, a deal I couldn't pass up!   Here's what they have to say about the Brooks Racer ST 4:
Light enough for the 5K, but sturdy enough for the marathon, the sleek Racer ST 4 helps shave seconds or even minutes off your time. The DRB® backs you up with the support you need to break the tape feeling strong. Go for it. Weight: 8.6 oz.
Wow...maybe they will help me be super fast!  Then I can really live up to the saying on my Bondi Band

This picture was taken after I finished my very first 1/2 marathon.  If you can't quite read it it's the superman logo with the word "runner" in it...get it..."Super Runner!"  I saw the Bondi Band at the expo and thought it was just what I needed to help me get through the race.  Although people probably thought I looked really cheesy, it made me feel confident in my abilities and I finished knowing I did the best I could!  By the way, if you haven't heard of Bondi Band (you can check them out here ), they are awesome!  I sweat A LOT and this really does an awesome job at wicking the sweat and keeping it out of my eyes!

Since most of the snow/ice has melted here from the warm spell we've been having, I wanted to go for a run outside and I decided to try them out.  I went on a 3.6mile run and I gotta tell you that they were super comfy!  I didn't feel any discomfort and the lack of cushioning that's so prevalent in my old running shoes didn't bother me at all!  Granted, it was only a 3.6mile run, but still...I was pleasantly surprised!  I can't wait to build up my distance in them and see how they perform!  Oh...and I loved how light they felt.  8.6oz feels like nothing on my feet!

Notice the crazy tying/strapping down of the shoestrings???  I haven't made my way to the store to get a pair of Yankz yet...but when I do, watch out...my T2 (bike to run transition for those of you new to triathlons) time is going to be smokin!  Ha ha! :)


Anonymous said...

those brooks are pretty sweet. And I love those vibrams. WOOHOO. Enjoy those shoes!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh barefoot runners...you all are amazing. I am a whimp, doubt I will ever try it.

GReat new shoes and what a deal 25% off..

I love the bondiband, I really want to go buy one or two..

Big Daddy Diesel said...

OK I am totally jealous, I been wanting a pair of those forever now, and Brooks STILL doesnt have them in stock for my size, sighhhh, totally jealous.

Aimee said...

Big Daddy Diesel...I'm sorry you can't find your size in the shoes. If you ever do I'm sure you'd love them! Good luck tracking them down!