October 25, 2011

Going Long Again and Advice Needed

...bullet style

*  Once again, Kathleen and I ventured out for another long bike ride.  We decided to meet a little later b/c of the cold temps, but it was still cold enough for ear warmers, arm warmers, jackets, and knee warmers.  Brrr!  The ride went really well for the most part.  However, after about 4hrs, the winds started picking up.  It was so strong and we ended up having to ride in a headwind for over an hour!  Ugh!  But, we finally made it to our cars 5 1/2 hrs. and roughly 90M later!  Woohoo!

*  After we got to our cars, we went our separate ways.  Kathleen had a little longer to ride, and I needed to do an hour run.  I was cold after I got off my bike and completely sick of the wind and debated whether or not I wanted to do my run.  I called my husband and told him I didn't know if I was going to run and he said, "Go for your run.  You need to do it.  It's good training for you."  He was right, of course.  Thanks to his words of support, I headed out on my run.  I had my tri top on and arm warmers, but I was still sooo cold!  The winds were crazy and blowing me all around.  I felt good on the run, but after 40min. I called it quits.  I was freezing and just done.  

*  For my brick I had on a pair of tri shorts that were probably 5 years old.  My other ones were dirty (With all this training I just can't seem to keep up with the laundry!), so I figured they would be fine.  WRONG!  On the entire bike ride, my shorts kept riding up and up and up and I was constantly pulling them down, which is not easy to do while riding.  It was sooo annoying!  Then, on my run, they did the same thing!!  I was so sick of those shorts, which is another reason why I cut my run short.  As soon as I got home, I threw the shorts in the trash!!!  I don't know how long tri shorts are supposed to last, but I figured getting 5 years out of them was good enough!

* On Monday I had my long run: 2:45.  Although I have my nutrition figured out for the bike for IMAZ, I have been stressing over what to do for the run.  I have been training with water, EFS, and gels, but I've also been using my Nathan 4bottle waist belt where I'm able to carry all my nutrition with me.  I know I DO NOT want to wear my hydration belt for IMAZ, so I've been trying to figure out what to do.  I have a little 8oz. handheld that I'll be using, but it's just not enough to make it to the run special needs bag to refill my EFS.

SO....I experimented on my long run yesterday.  What I decided to do was just use water and take an Endurolyte pill every 30min. and a gel every 45min.  IT WORKED PERFECTLY!  I did not miss the EFS at all and in fact, I had the BEST run of my entire training plan!  I felt strong and smooth, and felt I could keep going!  It was awesome!
So, I need some advice:  Do you think that's a good plan?  Is there anything wrong with just using water and Endurolytes for the run?  I figured I could always get a cup of Perform/coke if I felt I needed it during IMAZ, and I am still planning on having some EFS in my 8oz handheld to start and in my special needs bag.  So, what do you think?  Any advice/ideas/etc. would be greatly appreciated!

*  I have a new love...Strawberry Banana Mix 1.  I have a REALLY hard time eating anything after my long bricks and long runs.  Sometimes I can't even get chocolate milk down.  BUT, I won a case of Mix 1 drinks a month ago and they are AWESOME!  They are the perfect recovery drink for me after my bricks/runs.
Here are some facts about them:
~ It is an all natural protein drink
~ Free of lactose, gluten, soy, and caffeine
~ Has 3 servings of fruits/veggies
~ Full of antioxidants

They are kind of pricey, but I only use 2/week, so I figured it was a good investment because it allows me to get something into my body to help recover from my long workouts.  Plus, they are super yummy!!  I love them!!  Do any of you drink Mix 1??  

October 20, 2011

My Long Run - In Numbers

I thought I'd switch things up a bit with this post!

49 - the temperature when I started my run....brrrr!

1 - pair of hot pink CEP compression socks that I'm planning on wearing at IMAZ.  I know the colors totally clash, but I have my reasons for wearing them (a post to come).

5 - the number of house painters that completely starred at me as I left my cul-de-sac and headed out for my run

2 - the number of dogs I encountered on the trail that I thought would jump on me/bite me because their owners did not pull their leashes tight!  Ugh!!

75+ - the number of beautiful fall trees I ran by.  The red, orange, brown, and green colors are sooo beautiful this time of year!

2 - the number of bathroom breaks I had to do because I didn't make the best choice for breakfast...ugh!

2 - the number of snakes I came across on the trail

1 - the number of snakes I almost stepped on because I was looking at the other one!  I saw it at the last minute and did this crazy jump/skip thing over it because it completely freaked me out!

1 - the number of times I may have screamed because of that snake!

2 - the number of Hammer gels consumed.  Yum!

5 - the number of Honey Stinger gels consumed.  Yum, yum!

1 - the number of hours I had to run without my ipod b/c it died!  I guess it's good training for IMAZ, but I really missed my music!

2:30 - the total time of my run!  Woohoo!

365 - my bib number for IMAZ!  For some reason, seeing my bib number made this whole thing "real."  My heart seriously skipped a beat when I saw my number and I got goosebumps all over my arms!

October 17, 2011

Confidence Boosters!


Have you ever had one of those workouts when everything just seems to come together?  When your nutrition is spot on?  When your body feels strong?  When you end the workout feeling great instead of worn out?  

Well, this past weekend, I had an absolutely awesome training day!  I had a 5:15bike/1:00run brick to do.  The weather was going to be perfect, unlike last weekend, so I was excited to do this outside.  I met up with my friends Bine (she's doing IMFL), and Kathleen at Dare to Dream.  Bine brought along another girl, Julie, who is doing IMFL too.  It was a little chilly when we headed out, but non of us complained because we were just grateful to be outside riding.  

I have really been focusing on my nutrition for my long bricks because they're really the only workouts that kind of simulate race day.  I am pretty positive that I have my nutrition down and I'm sooo happy!  I know that nutrition will be a MAJOR factor for me at IMAZ!!  So, one of my goals for this workout was to test out my nutrition again.

We were all keeping a good pace and having a great ride!  We basically did an out and back, and the ride was going really well until the turn around.  At this point, the winds really started picking up.  The place we were riding is basically out in the middle of nowhere.  PLUS, there is no shelter from the wind because there are just wide open fields all around us.  So, when the wind picks up, it's tough!  Julie started dropping further and further behind.  She was just having a really difficult time with the wind.  At first we were riding at a slower pace so she could kind of keep up with us, but eventually, we had to make a decision of what to do.  Bine had a little powwow with her and Bine, Kathleen, and I just decided to keep going.  On one hand, I felt bad leaving her behind, but on the other hand, these bricks are my big training days and there's a point when you have to do what's best for you.  Plus, the whole reason why I get up so early to do these bricks when the sun comes up is so I get home at a reasonable hour and still have time to spend with my family.  I still felt really bad, but we all knew going into the ride that we would be dropped if we couldn't keep up.  But still....  What would you have done?  

Anyways, we kept on keeping on and I felt really strong!  We were pushing the pace, because we all needed to get back, but it was tough out there!  At some points, we were pushing it and only going 13mph!!!  The last 10miles were the worst!  We had to climb lots of rollers and my legs were really feeling it!  I was a little worried about how my legs were going to do on my run, but I just tried to focus getting done with the bike. 

Finally, we reached our cars!  Woohoo!!!  Now, it was time to get ready for the run.  I did a semi-quick transition and headed out for my run.  
Right from the get go, my legs felt great!  I looked at my Garmin and saw that I was running around an 8:00 pace.  Woah...better slow down!  BUT, I tried to slow down, but my body just wanted to go!  So, I stopped looking at my Garmin and just started running by feel.  I could tell I was pushing myself, but I felt good!  I got to the 30min. mark, then turned around and headed back to my car.  I kept waiting to hit some sort of "wall," but that never happened.  I think I had a smile on my face throughout my entire run.  :)  I got back to my car and just spent a few minutes soaking it all in!  

I felt great.  I felt strong.  I felt confident.  It was an awesome feeling!  :)  These types of workouts make all the cruddy ones soooo worth it!  

October 11, 2011

Indoor Fun!

This past weekend, we had a cold front move into Colorado, so I knew I would have to do my long brick inside.  I wasn't really looking forward to it, but I knew I just needed to get it done!

My alarm went off at 4AM and I DID NOT want to get up.  It was so warm and cozy in my covers, but I managed to drag myself out of bed, get dressed, and head to my basement.

Here is where I would spend the next 6 hours!

Yes, that is a concrete wall!  Our basement isn't finished yet, so it's a little creepy.  BUT, it makes for a great workout area!

This is my "Motivational Wall"  This is right next to my treadmill and I love it!

Here I am at the beginning.  A little sleepy eyed, but I'm ready to go!!

I started my bike workout by doing the IMAZ spinerval.  Coach Troy is awesome!  My husband and I have quite a collection of spinervals and I have to say I really like them.
The IMAZ spinerval was roughly 2hrs. long, and basically did 1 loop of the 3 loop IMAZ bike course.  Doing the spinerval actually made the first 2hrs. go by pretty quickly.  Coach Troy had a lot of great tips throughout the workout that I plan on incorporating at IMAZ.  One of the big things was that because the course is relatively flat, you'll be able to go pretty fast.  He said a lot of people will go super fast, because of their egos, and end up burning out their legs.  Instead, he suggested really concentrating on cadence during the first part of the 1st loop to make sure that you don't go too fast or try to push a bigger gear, which will kill you legs pretty quickly.  Overall, I liked the spinerval and thought it would be a good resource for anyone doing IMAZ.

I was originally planning on doing the spinerval twice, but decided to put in a movie instead.  I ended up watching 2 movies, which really helped the time go by.  BUT, I have to say, after 4hrs, I was dragging.  I was ready to be OFF of my bike and I was tired of being in the basement.  Because I was home, I could have easily quit, but I pushed through those thoughts and continued on!

FINALLY, I was done!  WOOHOO! 

73 miles isn't too bad for a 5hr. trainer ride!  Besides, it's all about time in the saddle..right??!

SOOOO glad to be done with the bike!  I don't know if you can tell, but my hair and shirt are completely soaked!!

After a quick change of shoes, I was onto the treadmill for my 1hr. run!

I started off at an easy pace for the first 15minutes and my legs felt great!  Gradually, I increased my pace and just kept on going.  Before I knew it, I was almost done with my run!  I couldn't believe the time went by so quickly!  Then, I looked down, and this is what I saw:


5 hours on the trainer....DONE!

1 hour on the treadmill...DONE!


I went upstairs, and this is what I saw:

Are you kidding me?  BRRRRR!!
I am soo glad I decided to do my workout inside!

I was pretty gross and I'm pretty sure I smelled awful, so I took a shower, and pulled on my favorite Zoot recovery tights.  I also put on my favorite warm and cozy slippers. :)

For the rest of the day, we hooked up our laptop to our TV and watched the live streaming of KONA!  What an awesome race! AND, I cannot believe Chrissie ended up winning!  She is just simply amazing!

October 7, 2011

A week in review and other things too

My training volume for IMAZ has REALLY started getting intense!!  With only 6 weeks left, my long bike rides are getting into the 5-6hr. range and my long runs are nearing the 2:30 mark.  So far, I am feeling good.  I haven't had any problems with my knee (woohoo!) and I feel like I'm getting stronger every week! :)

BUT, there have been times when I'm relaxing with my boys on the couch reading books and I feel myself starting to fade.  I know that if I could, I would be able to just lay down and take a nap!  Ha ha!

But, like this picture, if I did that, who knows what kind of mischief my boys would get in to!  :)

Last weekend I did a 90M bike/6M run brick and the weather was perfect!!  This weekend, not so much!  Check out the forecast for the weekend:
Planning Forecast

Umm....I was supposed to be doing a 5hr/1hr. brick on Saturday outside.  BUT, that WON'T be happening!!  I am a cold wuss!!  Plus, I don't really like the idea of being outside in freezing temps and rain!  Sunday is clear, but don't let that fool you.  The temps. in the AM will still be COLD, COLD, COLD!!!  So, because of the weather, I have decided to do it on my trainer/treadmill!  I'm going to aim for getting up at 4AM and just knocking it out!
I'll be watching this, twice, which I've been saving for a long trainer day.
Tempe, AZ Training Ride (Vol. 6 - On The Road Virtual Reality Cycling)

Hopefully I'll make it through!!
Have any of you ever done a 5hr. trainer ride???  How did you survive it??

Other Things Too:

Remember this ugly blood blister I got?  Well, after reading all of your comments, I was all set to pop it, lube it up with ointment, and put on some mole skin.  BUT, the next day, when I woke up, it actually wasn't that bad.  So, I decided to just let it be.  Now, it still looks pretty gross, but it's healing nicely!!

The other day my son came running downstairs as proud as can be because he had gotten dressed all by himself.  (Normally we still have to help him with his shirt)!  This is how he "dressed" himself!!  His pants were inside out and his shirt was on backwards!!! Ha ha!  My husband and I tried so hard not to laugh because he was so proud of himself, but he was just a complete mess! :)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!
I'm excited to watch some of the live feed from KONA!  I think it's going to be a really exciting race this year!!! :)

October 4, 2011

Should I pop it??

Last night, my husband pointed out that I hadn't written a post since Sept. 20th!  Yikes!  Seriously, I do NOT know where time is going.  My IMAZ training is really ramping up and I just feel like with my training, my boys' school stuff, housework, etc.. I'm barely  managing to hold it all together.  Plus, there have been some things going on with my mom that I don't want to get into now, that has been occupying a lot of my time as well.  Anyways, I'm a total blogger slacker.  Hopefully I'll be posting more regularly soon!

Back to the point of THIS post.  Yesterday, I did my longest run to date for IMAZ training, 2 hours.  Woohoo!!  Last week, when I did my long run, I started getting some pressure pain on the  balls of my feet, so I thought that I would try a more cushioned sock, that is known to be a good running sock, this time around.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  At the 30min. mark, I could already feel a blister forming on the side of my big toe.  I thought about going into a school and asking for a Band aid, but I figured they would think I was a freak, so I just dealt with it and hoped for the best.

Well, by the end of my run it hurt really bad.  When I got home, I immediately took off my shoes and socks and this is what I found:

OUCH!  No wonder my toes hurt so bad!  AND, yes, I  know my feet/toes are ugly....I'm training for an Ironman...what do you expect??! Ha ha! :)

So, here's a question for you:  Do I pop it?  Or, do I just let it be?

I'm thinking about popping it just because I know the next time I run, which is tomorrow, it will probably pop on the run?!  RIGHT?  But, I've also heard that if you pop it, it can get infected leading to a bigger, more painful problem.  What would you do???

On another note, I had an awesome run!  I did a 90M bike/6M run brick on Saturday and felt great.  But, I didn't know how my legs would do on my long run.  Well, I was actually surprised at how good I felt.  Maybe all this training is actually starting to pay off?!  Woohoo!  :)