December 11, 2011

One More IMAZ Post!

O-kay, I know I've already done A LOT of IMAZ posts, but I wanted to do one more.  I thought I would do a bullet post about some of the things that made my experience so awesome! Oh, and I promise it's a short one (unlike my race recaps..ha ha)!  So, here ya go! :)

*  I told my husband that I would love it if everyone that came to cheer me on had on a bright colored t-shirt during my race so I would be able to pick them out of the mass of spectators.  So, a couple of days before my race, my husband and I went to JoAnn, bought bright green t-shirts for my entire family for about $2 each and fabric markers.  Here are the results!!

These are the shirts my boys and husband did.  Of course my boys only wanted to write their names and draw animal pictures..ha ha!  But, I LOVED my husband's shirt!

This is a close up of the design my husband did!  I don't know if you can see my eyes on the swim picture, but I look pretty terrified (exactly how I felt about it!)

These are the shirts my sister did for herself, her husband, and my 2 nephews!  LOVE THEM!!

Yes, my sister calls me pumpa..hence the "Go Auntie Pumpa!"

A close up of the design she did on her shirt!  How awesome is that?!!  :)

I think they stand out...don't you??  Seriously, the bright green shirts were such a great idea!  Every time I finished a loop on the bike I saw the shirts, every time I started a new loop on the run, I saw the was AWESOME!!

*  Fun things I picked up at the Ironman store!  Seriously, it was a mad house in that tent, but I came out with some cute shirts!

*  Adding new magnets to my car!  Yes, I'm one of THOSE people! :)

*  Getting this finisher medal!  LOVE IT!

*  Spending some quality time with my parents!  We only see each other 1-2 times a year, so it was nice to have this time with them.

Watching all of the cousins playing together!  They played with that nerf football for hours!  The temp. in AZ was in the mid 70s, so it was perfect for being outside!!

*  Going on a hike with our boys and spending time with my sister!

Pies, pies, and more pies!!  I made the one on the bottom.  I called it "Pumpkin Pie with a Chocolate Twist!"  Notice that it has more gone than the others..ha ha!  AND, we ate them with my mom's homemade whip cream!  YUM!

We actually used this picture on our Christmas cards this year! :)

* Making new memories with our boys!  They had a great vacation and really enjoyed spending time with their grandparents, aunts & uncles, and cousins.  Being there 2 weeks was kind of a lot, but it was great for them, which is what really matters!


J. L. said...

WOW and wow! Thanks for posting this last post. You have really motivated me to do an ironman. Now if I can ever get registered for one:). And I will definitely have my family wear cool shirts like yours! Once again, congrats ironman!

Christy said...

I just found your blog...and so glad I did. My husband just finished IMAZ and it was his first too. I was all over the course cheering all of you on...I hope you got one of my "free high fives".....(It was a sign I made and I was standing along the river with my hand in a disposable glove giving anyone who wanted them high fives as they passed by)

Such a great glad to watch you all doing something amazing

Congratulations on your finish!

Stephanie Anne said...

Gorgeous medal!! Congrats again on the finish!

Trish said...

Aimee!!! You rock! You deserve to post everyday about being an Ironman if you want!! Woot Woot!

Missy said...

What a special time with your family. Congrats on killing it in AZ.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Love all pics, especially last one. You are all radiant!
You've had such an amazing race. I truly think you are meant to be a triathlete:)

Anonymous said...

I really love this...and great ideas for the shirts!!

Colleen said...

Love that picture of your family Aimee! :)

those shirts are awesome. I love that you let your boys design their own. I'm sure it made you smile a lot to see them in them, knowing they had made them for you! Your husband's drawing is amazing. You should frame his shirt! And your sister did a fabulous job too.

Julie said...

Great family picture!

I love all the t-shirts and how the made them so special! I've loved hearing all about your race!

TriMOEngr said...

Shirts (especially artwork) were definitely awesome! Love the family shot. I have YET to do Christmas cards. Will this be year #3 of just forgoing them? Yikes!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You climbed Camelback after an Ironman?? Thats impressive!!!

I am loving this piost

Christi said...

Great lookin' shirts! I am so glad that you had such a great experience in Phoenix!

Jason said...

More, more, more IMAZ.....can't get enough of your amazing accomplishment BUT one thing is missing from this post....the TEARS! Where are the tears?

Trust me, I know I'll have tears at my IMAZ race in 2012 b/c as you read yesterday it is my father's birthday the day the race takes place next year.

Maybe I'll just borrow your 2011 race report for my RR in 2012!!!!!!

So happy for you to have had such a wonderful experience.

Jill said...

The bright shirts was a great idea and such cute pictures on them (love your hubby's design, that ROCKS). I love how much your family just loved being there for you! You are such a rock star!! :)

Anne-Marie said...

You can't have enough IM AZ posts... You only do your first Ironman once, so why not go all out? :)

Love the shirts -- what a cool memory of the IM AZ adventure to have!