July 23, 2011

A week in review and other things too

Is it the weekend already??  I felt like I just wrote this post last week!  This summer is FLYING by!!  Seriously, where is the time going?

*  This week has been my most successful week of training so far!  Woohoo!
I did all of my key workouts, with the exception of one.  BUT, it was replaced with a fun day with my boys swimming, playing, eating frozen yogurt, watching a movie with popcorn, and just enjoying a summer day...it was awesome! :)


Wednesday morning I met up with Kathleen at Dare to Dream at 5:30AM for an OWS at Grant Ranch.  It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a swim and the water temp. was perfect!  I felt great in the water and felt like I could keep swimming, but I needed to get home so my husband could get to work.  Usually, I swim alone, but it was nice to have someone to swim with.  Hopefully we'll be able to get together again! :)

I have heard and read so many great things about these products, that I have finally decided to give them a try.  With only doing Half Ironman races or shorter in the past, I have never really felt the need to have liquid nutrition, but now that I'm training for IMAZ and my rides/runs are getting longer, I am intrigued by it.  I'm going to give them a try this next week and will let you know how it goes!  I know many of you use these products, so any input/advice about it would be great!!

Other Things Too:

*  Hello, my name is Aimee and I am addicted to frozen yogurt!!  OMG...what do they put in that stuff to make me crave it every day???  It's crazy!!  I don't eat it every day, but I'm pretty sure we've gone once a week for the past month!  But, here's the thing, we don't over do it.  Yes, they give you those big cups thinking that you'll fill it up (and believe me, some times I'm tempted to fill it to the top).  But, I just do a little layer on the bottom, add some toppings, and it's the perfect amount for a sweet little treat on a hot day.  Is that so bad???!!!  :)

*  I just finished this book, and I have to say I really liked it (don't cringe BDD!)  I just found it to be a great read that I couldn't put down!  And, it was full of some good tips and advice.  He is definitely a very confident person, and I honestly think he has gotten a bit of a bad rap.
If you've read it, what did you think about it?


Jill Costantino said...

Sounds like such fun times! I've gotta get my hands on that book too - I've heard only great things about it. Enjoy the weekend:)

Anonymous said...

That book looks like it would be a great read.. why does BDD cringe?

Molly said...

So much to comment on! Sounds like the training is going great and yay for the OW swim!!!

I use the same nutrition products...I did not like the sports drink so I'm sticking with Powerbar Perform since that'll be on the course. I think the liquid shots are GREAT and such an easy way to get more calories in. I take the Optygen every morning and use Ultragen after long workouts. I do not use the Prerace after I tried it for an Olympic and it seriously drove my HR through the roof + led to nausea on the run.

I heart frozen yogurt too - I'm most looking forward to my long long rides because I think froyo is an awesome reward afterwards - a little yogurt and tons of fruit on top.

And yes I read Macca's book too, which was started me on the path of re-evaluating my race nutrition. Lots of interesting and helpful info!

SSB said...

I read Macca's book in about a day. it was an easy read (though it seemed to jump around a lot). Explained a lot of things people don't really get about why he's so cocky (because he can be).

Michael said...

I so love fro yo!! At least you put healthy fruit in yours. I like to load mine up with chocolate and cheesecake bites. Our fro yo place has cheesecake bikes...who can pass that up?

Jason said...

Aimee -

Today I rode the 70.3 Longhorn course and used my sponsors Prolong and supplemented the calories with EFS Liquid Shot and it worked like a charm. I got about 900 calories in 3 hours and felt great going out for a 1 hour run afterwards.

I did the 56 miles in 3:06 and was slow while waiting for a friend so I know I can go faster and this liquid hydration/nutrition worked like a charm.

Also, I read the Macca book and loved it. I ate the entire book up in a few days. BDD has my copy right now and can't wait to get it back with his notes in the sidebar......LOL!!!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I love the EFS Lemon-lime drink and use it in all my races. It is tart, which I like and not too sweet! I don't use their other products - just b/c i like others better, but the EFS drink is the best!

good luck! I am doing Arizona too!

Colleen said...

Great job with the workouts Aimee!

I use EFS. I love the grape EFS drink... takes a few tries to get used to the taste and I'm finicky, but I love it. I always crave the Ultragen Cappuccino after long workouts! So yummy!

Jamie said...

Love love LOVE frozen yogurt! your wetsuit looks awesome! Do you own it or are you renting it?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

*shaking my head* say it aint so Aimee!! Really!!! *Shaking head* Yep, I have Jasons book, I wont use my hard earned money to buy it. Still shaking my head

Kathleen said...

I would love to meet again for a swim or ride. Frozen yogurt is by far my favorite food. When I lived in Florida not a day went by without me buying some. I probably kept them in business. I just started reading Macca's book. I don't have a great opinion of him so it will be interesting what I think by the time I am done.