July 20, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award!!

*  Colleen at IRONDIVA [HERE] nominated me for this award!  Woohoo!  Thanks Colleen!  The rules are that I have to answer the following questions, then pass it on to some of you!

So, here goes:
Favorite Cartoon Character:
 I used to love Goofy when I was little.  He was always so crazy and silly and made me laugh.  What's funny now is that I picked up a couple old school Disney DVDs at the library with the old Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Goofy cartoons (which by the way are so much better than the ones these days!) and my boys LOVED them!  They were laughing the entire time and thought they were the funniest things!

Favorite Thing to Photograph: 
Before I had kids I loved to take pictures of wild flowers that we would come across on our hikes/backpacking trips.  NOW, however, I LOVE taking pictures of my boys!  I like capturing the little moments that are sooo priceless! :)

Favorite Thing to Cook:
As you all know, I love to cook!  BUT, I love to bake even more.  One of my favorites is my heart healthy chocolate chip cookies!  Yum!!  If you haven't tried them, you can find the recipe on my "Humpastry Day" page [HERE]

Favorite Way to Exercise:
Although I do triathlons, I am a runner above all else!  I love to run..there's just something about it. 

Favorite Movie:
Love Breakfast Club!  I watch it whenever it comes on TV, even though I've seen it a million times!

Favorite Article of Clothing:
I have a pair of yoga/PJ pants that are super soft and comfy!  I wear them all the time b/c they are the perfect lounging pants!!

Favorite Flower:
Wild flowers are by far my favorite flowers!  They are just so beautiful!

Favorite Breakfast:

Of course I like to eat homemade oatmeal and cereal loaded with fresh berries.  BUT, when we go out for breakfast, which isn't that often, I LOVE berry crepes!  Yum, yum, yum!!

O-kay, now to tag some of you!  :)
1.  Kathleen at Dare to Dream [HERE]
2.  EMZ at If I Can't Convince You - I'll At Least Confuse You [HERE]
3.  Kevin at Ironman By Thirty [HERE]


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the nomination! Pretty spot on about running. It's the most freeing feeling, takes the least amount of time to get ready, and you get such a great workout!

Christi said...

I love learning these great things about you. I love the "Breakfast Club" also. Such a great movie!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am coming to Colorado just to taste your baking, dont worry about dinner, I can just have bake goods for appetizer, salad, main course, and dessert

Dawn said...

Loved this.....like learning more about ya!:)
Wish I liked the running part as much;))

Tricia said...

congrats on the award!

Jason said...

Can't go wrong with fruit crepes. Really can't go wrong.

Julie said...

Not just an amazing blogger but an amazing person! :)

Fun facts!

AM! said...

great to read about you;)

inspired by the cooking...trying to put a lil' more of that into my life.

HOpe the IM training is going well1

Velma said...

Great choice on the Breakfast club!!!

Jill said...

Berry crepes - yum-o!!!

Cynthia O'H said...

I'm with you - healthy chocolate chip cookies are the best!

Colleen said...

:) Love it! Thanks for playing along!

Tiffany @ Tiffany's Spartanette Training said...

HAHA cute!

HOORAY for "Breakfast Club"! You know that's the movie you want to turn on on a Saturday afternoon and just chill out watching it. ...I think I might have just found one component to my weekend. :D Happy Thursday, heart.

Anonymous said...

I love the little Print pDf thing you added at the bottom...this is excellent for your cooking posts to make it easier for us to save them. I love crepes too!! ONly had them a few times though. Great to hear from you...sorry it takes me so long to get over here. But your blog is always one that I want to make time for!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ha those were great!! i am so not a baker because I can't restrain myself when I do...i need to figure this out because you guys all have these awesome recipes