November 20, 2010

A week in review, other things too, and Holiday cards!

*  Going to Arizona kind of put a wrench in my marathon training, but it was definitely worth it!  I got to do the Muddy Buddy with my sister and go on some nice runs with my husband while the grandparents watched our boys.  It was awesome!  Ahhh...yay for grandparents! :)
Me and my husband after the run

*  One day during our trip, my husband, sister, and I all decided to do a trail run together.  We found a trail system not too far from my parent's house, and headed out.  It was beautiful outside and the trails were awesome.  We did end up getting lost a couple of times and having to back track, but that was all part of the adventure!  All in all, we ended up running 10 miles.  I had an absolute blast, and was ready to buy a pair of trail running shoes that day! :)

me and my sister sporting our Nathan waist belts! :)
Obviously, racing flats are NOT the best shoes to wear trail running.  Ha ha.  Unfortunately, they were the only shoes that I brought on the trip or I wouldn't have worn them.

See how the rubber came up on the bottom??  Good thing I brought my old, wear around the house, pair and not my good ones!

*  A couple fellow bloggers, gave me the heads up about the Denver Marathon that I ran.  Apparently, the course was too long!!  I knew my Garmin couldn't have been that far off!!  The article is HERE if any of you want to read about it.  The good thing though is that they adjusted our times.  So....drum new time is...3:59:29!!  I ran a sub 4hr. marathon!!  Woohoo!!
Too bad I had my medal engraved (they were offering it for free at my local running store):

Other Things Too:
*  I was so excited to get two packages in the mail this week!

Awesome socks from Kovas at Midwest Multisport Life.  I haven't had a chance to run in these yet, but I put them on and they are sooo comfortable!  I'm excited to wear them on my next run!  Thanks Kovas!

The other was some nutrition treats from Kevin at Half Tri-ing.  Yay!  Thanks Kevin!

* Christmas Cards
We all know that the holiday season is here.  I cannot believe it's the middle of November already!  Where did the time go?  I have been going through all of my pictures looking for the perfect ones to put on our Christmas card this year.  I love making and sending out Christmas cards.  I also love getting holiday cards.  I usually let my boys open up the envelopes and tape them on our office doors.  It's our way of creating a big cheerful display of cards throughout the holiday season!

 This year I've decided to use Shutterfly to make my cards.  Their site is one of the most user friendly sites I've used for making cardsinvitations, and photo books.  In fact, when my oldest turned 3, I made him an ABC Photo Book that turned out amazing!

Isn't it awesome?? :)
I'm actually in the process of making my youngest son's ABC book right now.

Shutterfly has some of the best and cutest designs for photo cards that I've seen.  And, I love how you can put multiple photos on the cards and personalize it for your family.  Using Shutterfly is an easy, fun, and fast way to make your holiday cards this year.  So, if you haven't started making your holiday cards yet, go check them out!  I'm sure you will love what you see! :)

Honestly, I was going to use Shutterfly for my cards this year anyway, but they are running an awesome promotion for bloggers.  Check it out HERE!


Julie said...

At least you got lost somewhere warm:) It is kind of an adventure when we get long as we know we are in no real danger.

Congrats on the sub 4 marathon Aimee!! I knew that you would do so well! Too bad about the medal...I wonder if there is a way that you can fix it or have it redone? You are going to kick butt in Arizona for sure:) Keep training and being your awesome you!!

Running and living said...

Hurray for a sub 4 marathon! I love shutterfly, I store my pics with them:)

Amber Shea @Almost Vegan said...

How AMAZING about your sub-4 hour marathon!! Too bad about the medal engraving!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

Sub-4!!! Woot! Thank God they adjusted the time. Where I used to live, if the course is too long they don't adjust anything =(

Happy Weekend Aimee =)

*Pls read my blog post yesterday. I am shamelessly plugging it coz I don't want YOU to miss it. Kindly read and you'll understand why =)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Congrats on the marathon! HOw funny that you mentioned Christmas Cards because that has something to do with my first giveaway (probably on Monday). My friend makes custum designed cards...announcements, holiday cards, etc. They are beautiful and so quality. Anyway, we are still talking about how the giveaway will work but it will involve some lucky winner getting some really nice holiday cards (or announcements, invitations,..) for free! :) I love shutterfly too.

Amanda@runninghood said...

And how special to have a sister! You two look so close!

Julie said...

WTG on the sub 4:00!!!!! Sorry you already had the engraving done :-(
Makes for a good story, tho!

Jon said...

Awesome on the sub 4!

Thanks for the heads up on the holiday card ideas. Gotta get goin on that!

Nice pictures from Arizona. So pretty out there!

Teamarcia said...

Wow that course was alot too long! Woot for the sub-4! Still need to do the holiday cards...ugh.

Julie D. said...

Congrats on your sub-4!! that is crazy that the course was too long!! Thanks for the heads up on the shutterfly deal!

Kelly said...

Woo-Hoo!!! Sub-4 is awesome! Congrats! Just checked out the Shutterfly link, and I'm definitely taking advantage of that one! Thanks.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Congrats on the sub-4 time that is amazing!!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I love that they adjusted your time...and a sub 4 hour!! Sweet! I love running on trails. Awesome that you got to do that on your trip. What kind of trail shoes are you going to buy or did you buy them already?

Cynthia O'H said...

Thanks for the reminder about the Shutterfly promo. I just submitted mine.

Another long marathon course? I hope this is not becoming a trend. I'm really glad that Denver made the adjustment for you. Hamilton refuses to acknowledge the problem and has left many, many runners miffed.

I'm thinking of running some trails next year. I guess I had better pick up a pair of shoes. Thanks again:)

DRog said...

Its okay for a wrench in your mary training as you just did one...speaking of which: Nice you got under 4hr!! thats awesome!! they can send you another medal? I think they OWE it to you haha

Christi said...

First, I love your Rock star tee! The trail run sounds like a great time!

I will have to try Shutterfly! Thanks for pointing it out!

Dawn said...

Wooot Wooot! Yay for your new best time!
Way to go:)))

Thanks for the heads up on the picture thing.....will have to check it out!

Colleen said...

Woo hoo on the sub 4 hour marathon! That's awesome!!!! :)

Looks like you and hubby and sis are so happy in AZ! Glad you had such a good time visiting!

Ironman By Thirty said...

We absolutely love Shutterfly. We have done our Christmas cards there the past few years along with a calendar and slew of photobooks. Their price, options, and quality can't be beat. The only comparable product I have used is Blurb. It has nicer software for bookmaking, but you pay for it.

Those AZ pictures are great! I was there once for a guys weekend and did some running (roads not trails) and really enjoyed it.

Congrats on the sub-4 hour marathon!!!

Kirstie said...

Congrats on the sub 4 hour marathon. Awesome!

Kevin said...

The nutritional treats were send by me at Half TRIing. :-) You can even see my name and blog in the photo. They were from winning the Throwback Thursday giveaway.


Runners Fuel said...

Congrats on the marathon!

Anne-Marie said...

Wow - so cool about your marathon time! That's great they acknowledged it and corrected everyone's times. Congrats on a SUB-4:00!!!

And yay for fun surprises in the mail! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

You rock!! I love your week in reviews

Jill said...

Nothing a little bit of athletic tape over the engraved time on your medal can't cure :). Wasn't that crazy about the mismarked course?!! So glad it was in the runner's favor. Your week in review is always so fun, so upbeat! Happy Thankgiving to you and your family :).

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

Yay for a sub-4 marathon!!

I used Shutterfly for my wedding Thank-you's, and they were AWESOME! The ABC book is such a great idea!

Regina said...

Congrats on the sub 4!! I can't believe they screwed up the distance.

I like Shutterfly. Used them last year for cards and I did a Diego book with Rhys as one of the characters. Thanks for the heads up on their promotion.