November 14, 2009

The joy of date night!

My son's preschool offers a "Parent's Night Out" every month and my husband and I decided to try it out. I honestly can't remember the last time we went out on a date together...pathetic, I know! It's just that we haven't found a neighborhood babysitter yet, and it's hard to invite a stranger into our home to take care of our two boys. The two girls that do the parent's night out are actually teachers at the preschool, so we felt pretty comfortable bringing our boys there.

I knew our 4yr. old would be fine, but I was pretty nervous about how our 2yr. old would be when we dropped him off. We tried to talk it up saying that they were going to get a special dinner, play lots of games, and watch a movie..yeah!! But, even as I was saying those things visions of him crying and clinging to my leg flashed through my mind. I really wasn't looking forward to it at all! But, when we got there they were just about ready to serve the kids dinner, so we just sat our boys down at the table, said our goodbyes, and walked away. No tears, no clinging, no second glances in our direction at all! As we drove away we glanced into the window and saw them happy as could be eating their dinner. It was great!

We got to our dinner spot, Hapa Sushi, and got seated right away. Even though we're vegetarian (almost Vegan), sushi is one thing that neither of us can give up. We love it and will probably continue to eat it for the rest of our lives. We ordered 5 rolls (yes, it's a lot, but we don't get to eat sushi that often!) and enjoyed a bowl of miso soup while we waited.

It was snowing outside and the miso soup was perfect, in taste and for the warmth it provided!

5 rolls later, with our bellies full, we headed to the theater for a movie.

He got to the theater just in time and got our tickets for Hangover. We had heard that this was a really funny movie, so we decided to see it. Let me just say that this movie was hilarious! We were laughing the entire time! It was the perfect date night movie. When it was over we drove back to the preschool to pick up our boys. I didn't know if they would be asleep or not (after all it was 9:30 and their usual bedtime is 7:30), but they were both awake as happy and content as can be! We drove home and put them to bed. What a perfect night!

We both agreed that we will definitely be doing this again! I think we both realize that we need time together, away from our boys, to reconnect and just enjoy each other!

So, here's a recap:
Preschool Parent's Night Out: $45
Sushi: $50
Movie tickets: $7
A perfect night out with my husband: priceless

Yes, that is a bit cheasy, but I can't help it!

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