November 9, 2009

5K fun with my boys!

I did my first 5K post half-ironman on Sunday! My husband was supposed to join me and push our two boys (4 and 2) in the jogger, but we were doing several remodeling projects and he decided to stay home to finish some of them up. Our house is in complete disarray and with two young boys that's not the best way to keep a house!! I decided to do the race anyways and push the boys myself. Now, during my half-ironman training I would often do short runs (30-45min.) while pushing my boys in the jogger. Although it was definitely harder to run while pushing 60+ pounds of weight, I was still able to do it because I was in pretty good shape. Yesterday however was the first time I had pushed the boys in the jogger in probably 2 months, so I was a little nervous about how it would go.

The race was at Washington Park, which by the way is one of the greatest parks in Denver to run at. I picked up my bib and timing chip and headed to the start. Panera was hosting a kids fun run, so I ran with both of my boys for a short out and back run. It was really cute and the boys had a blast. At one point Ronald McDonald himself ran next to us and cheered my boys on. :) Then, because I had the double jogger I positioned myself towards the back of the pack. I think the announcer said there were about 1500 people it was very congested during the first mile of the race. I was happy I had my BOB because I was able to go off-road and run instead of walking/running into the backs of legs with the stroller wheel (which I must confess I did a couple of times..sorry)!

After the first mile I got into my grove and felt pretty good. I was actually surprised about how easy it was to push the boys..that is until I came to the hilly parts. Those parts just about killed me! From my waist up I was practically horizontal trying to push the boys uphill, but I ran through it. Yeah! I finished the race in around 28min, which to me wasn't too bad considering I was pushing the jogger. It was nice to know that I didn't lose all of the fitness I built up for my half! Doing the race conjured up an urge to start training again and I think this week I'll start my "winter maintenance" tri plan...that is if we finish our projects!

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