February 20, 2012

Out of Practice

Guess what I did today?
I went to the pool to swim!!!  Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but I have NOT been back in the pool since IMAZ, which was in November!  YIKES!

I just haven't had any desire to get back into the pool, even though I KNOW I need to keep swimming. I am not the best swimmer, so taking lots of time off is a bad thing for me.  BUT, thanks to Jason's Virtual triathlon challenge [HERE], I found the motivation to get back into the pool!  Thanks Jason! :)

So, I got all of my stuff ready and headed to the gym.  After dropping my boys off at Kids' Club, I got ready to swim.  Going to the pool used to be so automatic, but I felt like I was forgetting something the entire time, and it just felt kind of weird to be back in the pool.

I had no idea how it was going to go.  I had visions of gasping for air every 25m, and not being able to swim for very long.  BUT, I was pleasantly surprised!!  After about 300m, I found my swimming groove and it felt great!!!  Woohoo!! :)  I ended up only swimming about 1000m, but it was more than enough for my first time back in the pool.  I can already tell my arms and back will be sore tomorrow....how pathetic is that!!  But, at least I got back out there again, even if I am way out of practice! :)

On another note, I know I have been MIA from blogland recently.  The main reason is this:
Yes, I've been painting.  The previous owners of our house had all the walls primed with white paint.  White paint that is entirely NOT cleanable.  With 2 boys, you can only imagine what our walls look like!!  Anyways, I couldn't take the gross walls any longer, so I went to Home Depot, grabbed some paint, and have been painting pretty much nonstop for weeks now!  It's sooo much work, but sooo worth it!

Check out what I've been doing:

The previous owners also painted all of the trim and doors a cream color that basically looks yellow whenever you put any color on the walls.  So, I have to repaint all of the trim and doors, which is a total PAIN!  But, having white trim and doors just makes everything look so fresh and clean, and it makes it totally worth it!

I also repainted my boys' rooms!  To the left is my oldest son's room painted brown with a camping theme.  To the right is my youngest son's room painted green with a dinosaur theme.  And I painted a fun growth chart in between their rooms!  I also painted their bathroom a fun blue color!  It's so nice to have fresh paint on the walls!  AND, the best part is that our house is finally starting to feel like our HOME which makes me very, very happy! :)


Andrea said...

Way to get back in the pool! The walls look great. I am inspired by the growth chart in the hall - I have a "once two tiny ones nursery" that will now be a little boy's room. Great idea!

Christi said...

I finally made it back to the Pool and did 1000 yes. A lot of fun! So we got this Aimiee!

Unknown said...

You know, a little time off from the pool will do your body some good! Way to go getting back there... it's not the easiest thing to do! :)

The paint looks great. Isn't it amazing what fresh paint can do? :)

Jill said...

When you're done with your house, will you come over and paint all my trim?? We have natural wood trim and I hate it because it's scratched up and looks dated. I want white trim. I started a couple years ago but never got more than a couple rooms done....must get back on that again!

Yay for the pool! I try to go once a week but last week I made it twice, which is a major victory. Haha. Good for you for getting back there!

Alisa said...

It's amazing what paint can do! Love the colors you picked. That blue is so rich and the boys room, the green one--love!

Yaya for the pool. It's weird how when it's not routine how foreign it can feel.

Dawn said...

Yay for the pool return!
And the painting job looks awesome:)

Michael said...

I think I hate painting more than anything in the entire world. I hope you enjoy it more than I do - that looks like alot of painting.

Congrats on getting back in the pool. It's a hard trip to make. I just did it for the first time since Aug about 5 or 6 weeks ago. It sucks :)

Beth said...

Thanks for the heads up about the tri challenge, I just signed up!

My house could use some paint too, but i don't think that's going to happen any time soon.

Great job getting back in the pool and on the bike.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice work getting back in the pool

Ironman By Thirty said...

When you are done painting at your house do you want to come here and paint? I hate painting! haha

I hear you on the cream color paint (aka Dirty White). It should be illegal.

Sugar Magnolia said...

just found your blog. Congrats on swimming!

Missy said...

A freshly painted house is the best thing ever. It just seems so new and fresh. Love it.
Congrats on getting back in the pool.

Jason said...

They say that taking time off from swimming is really good for you b/c when you do get back in your focus on the technique is better....way to get back in the water.

Thanks for the shoutout for the Virtual Event.....any takers? We are still going?

Painting.....I'd rather do anything but.

Teamarcia said...

Yay for a good swim (not that I'd know anything about that). You've been very productive in your "downtime".